PAM Demands Govt. Response to Casablanca Sexual Assault, Ceuta Border Stampede

Rabat – While investigations into the shocking sexual assault on a Casablanca bus are still ongoing, the Modernity and Authenticity Party (PAM) has asked the Moroccan parliament to summon Minister of Interior Abdelouafi Laftit in order to provide explanation for the attack. The members of the party have addressed a letter to the Committee for the Interior, calling for an urgent accountability meeting in order to discuss the incident.The letter, signed by Mohamed Achroro, president of the PAM parliamentary group, also called on Laftit to give an explanation for the recurring stampedes at the Ceuta crossing points, which cause the death of many Moroccan women yearly. Achroro added that it is necessary to hold the government accountable for the issues that have recently sparked recently, including the increase of violence and harassment. He continued that his party has a duty to hold the government accountable for the programs presented by the previous government, “of which none of its programs was achieved.”Achroro told Moroccan news outlet Hespress that these social issues have been noticeably repeating themselves recently “at a time when the government [promotes] the slogan of improving the public life [and] fighting corruption, without significant results.”The party has also questioned the efficacy of security services at the Ceuta border, which on August 28 saw the death of two Moroccan women and the critical injury of six others after a stampede.In August, two Moroccan parties, the Constitutional Union (UC) and the National Rally of Independents Parties (UC) have called Laftit to provide explanations for the sexual assault in Casablanca.The parties addressed a letter to Lahbib El Malik, president of the House of Representatives, calling for an urgent accountability session in order to discuss the absence of security in the public transportation in Morocco. The parties called the authorities in charge of the interior department, including Laftit, to attend the accountability session. The requested meeting’s date has not yet been scheduled. read more