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Operation Patria Shields Panama against International Organized Crime, Local Drug Trafficking

first_img A successful operation “Only logistics of this magnitude, including human and technical resources, made it possible to maintain the blockade operation at sea 24 hours a day for the 40 days the operation lasted.” A Joint Task Force consisting of special National Police units, the National Aeronaval Service (SENAN), the National Border Service (SENAFRONT), and the Institutional Protection Service (SPI) led the security initiative, which took months of planning and included a blockade on the country’s Pacific and Atlantic coasts. All units provided boats for the operation, with SENAN giving six vessels, including interceptors and patrol boats, while SENAFRONT provided two boats to patrol the Atlantic and two for the Pacific. The National Police provided one boat to patrol each ocean. By Dialogo December 03, 2015 The coastal surveillance and patrols paid off with significant drug seizures and arrests. By using patrol boats to keep both coasts under constant surveillance, the Joint Task Force’s 315 members forced drug traffickers to navigate as far as possible from the Panamanian coastline to avoid law enforcement officers, according to Commissioner Ramón López, SENAN’s national director of operations and chief of Operation Patria. As of November 23, security forces had seized more than three tons of drugs, primarily cocaine, Commissioner López reported. Eighteen Colombians, 14 Panamanians, a Dominican, a Venezuelan, and a Jamaican were arrested on drug offenses. Panamanian security forces launched Operation Patria (Homeland) from October 20 through November 30 to combat transnational organized criminal enterprises and domestic drug trafficking. “Based on statistics we have from previous years, we realized that during the last three months of the year, there is an increase in the volume of drugs moving through the region,” López explained. “Along the chain of accomplices that drug traffickers place in different countries to ensure the drugs arrive at their final destination in North America, we noticed that the accomplices were no longer being paid in cash, but instead in drugs. These drugs remain in Panama and represent a clear danger that we want to eliminate completely.” “Operation Patria involves an extra effort and successful coordination in deploying the country’s government forces and in encouraging these forces to keep working day after day to improve the country’s security record,” Panamanian Minister of Public Security Rodolfo Aguilera said during an October 20 news conference. Security authorities plan on conducting a similar joint operation in 2016, he stated. Cooperation and coordination are crucial in the fight against transnational criminal enterprises and domestic drug trafficking, according to Commissioner López. “The challenge we are facing after this successful operation is to try to maintain this sort of comprehensive surveillance on our coasts and borders so it can be permanent,” Commissioner López said. “To do this, we must continue to modernize, and always be ready, at the right place and the right time to make arrests.” In conjunction with the coastal surveillance, authorities deployed security forces to two indigenous Kuna Yala communities on the Atlantic coast to inspect vessels that arrive in the sector’s ports. Police have interdicted drug smuggling vessels in the region in recent months. “We were united before, but now the communication ties are even closer, and that is something very important in the fight against organized crime, which never sleeps and has partners everywhere.”last_img read more


The Latest: Lyon wants French league prioritized over UCL

first_imgA player earning 300,000 euros net per month will only get 252,000 euros from the club plus 5,400 euros from the state for a monthly loss of around 42,600 euros per month. If the suspension lasts a year, this would add up to about half a million euros per year.___The U.S. track federation added its name to a growing chorus of calls to postpone the Tokyo Games because of the coronavirus. In a letter to the CEO of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, USA Track and Field CEO Max Siegel urged the federation to advocate for the postponement of the Games, which are to start July 24. USATF joins USA Swimming, which sent a similar letter to the USOPC on Thursday. Matches in both competitions are currently suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak.“If we want to save the (French) league we must absolutely finish before June 30,” Aulas told RTL radio. “You have to make choices, be brave. Drop the Champions League, the (domestic) cup finals and international matches. Concentrate only on the (French) league.”Aulas added: “I want the league to finish. Even in empty stadiums.”Lyon leads Italian champion Juventus 1-0 from the first leg of their last-16 match in the Champions League on Feb. 26. The return leg in Turin has not been played because of the outbreak.___ The Latest: Lyon wants French league prioritized over UCL The USOPC leadership has been in agreement with the IOC, that it’s too soon to make any decisions regarding postponing the games.___Brazil’s Olympic Committee has called for the Tokyo Olympic Games to be postponed until 2021. The Brazilian body said in a statement published on Saturday that the decision is a necessity due to the seriousness of the pandemic and “the consequent difficulty for athletes to keep their best competitive level.”It also said that it continues to “trust in the International Olympic Committee.” Brazil organized the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, the first in South America. Marseille President Frank McCourt wrote to reassure the French soccer club’s employees after they were put on temporary, technical layoffs.“I am taking a few minutes to make sure you and your families are well,” McCourt said. “We are going through this difficult time together and we’re seeing governments getting better and better organized.”Marseille and other top-tier clubs have started putting players on temporary, technical layoffs, which translates to a cut in pay of 16 percent with the state picking up a portion of that to a monthly maximum of 5,400 euros ($5,810). A player earning 40,000 euros ($43,000) net per month would receive 39,000 (about $42,000).Therefore its impact is greater on those on the highest salaries, in terms of lost revenue. ___Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton says he has been self-isolating for more than a week after meeting people who later tested positive for the new coronavirus.Hamilton was at a charity event in London on March 4 also attended by actor Idris Elba and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, the wife of the Canadian prime minister. Both were later found to have the virus.In a message on social media, Hamilton says he’s shown “zero symptoms” but has been isolating himself from other people ever since March 13, when the Australian Grand Prix was called off.Hamilton said that “I did speak to my doctor and double checked if I needed to take a test but, the truth is there is a limited amount of tests available and there are people who need it more than I do.”center_img Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the effect of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world:___Even though his side could potentially reach the Champions League quarterfinals, Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas wants the French league to take priority. March 21, 2020 Associated Press ___More AP sports: https://apnews.com/apf-sports and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6last_img read more


Many questions facing NFL after bullying report

first_imgIn this Aug. 24, 2013, file photo, Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito (68) and tackle Jonathan Martin (71) look over plays during an NFL preseason football game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Miami Gardens, Fla.(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee, File)Now that the NFL knows the scope of the racially charged Miami Dolphins bullying scandal, the league has been left to grapple with what its next steps should be.A report released Friday on the Miami case concluded with a one-paragraph call to action:“As all must surely recognize, the NFL is not an ordinary workplace. Professional football is a rough, contact sport played by men of exceptional size, speed, strength and athleticism. But even the largest, strongest and fleetest person may be driven to despair by bullying, taunting and constant insults. We encourage the creation of new workplace conduct rules and guidelines that will help ensure that players respect each other as professionals and people.”League executives agree steps need to be taken, and have vowed to take action. But it may be difficult to regulate locker room behavior by determining when something a player considers to be harmless locker room nonsense crosses the line. Players are part of a team, but they are also individuals with different levels of sensitivity.And as the report’s call to action points out, the NFL is not an ordinary workplace — and locker rooms are sanctuaries within those workplaces where even without the kinds of vicious taunts and racist insults cited in the report, behavior that would not be accepted in society is tolerated, and even condoned or encouraged.Still, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wants his organization to lead the way to change the culture.“I have made it clear to everyone within our organization that this situation must never happen again,” Ross said in a statement released through the team after the report was released. “We are committed to address this issue forcefully and to take a leadership role in establishing a standard that will be a benchmark in all of sports.”Before the Super Bowl, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had said he’d be out in front on the issue of hazing.“Our No. 1 priority has to make sure that we have a workplace environment that’s professional, recognizing that we have some unique circumstances. But we have to make sure that our players, (and) other employees, have that kind of professional workplace environment,” Goodell said then.After the report was released, the NFL did not mention any possible punishment stemming from the case in a statement emailed by a league spokesman.The NFL Players Association said it will review the findings closely, confer with players and all relevant parties involved.The report by lawyer Ted Wells said “the behavior that occurred here was harmful to the players, the team and the league,” but he noted the investigators weren’t asked to recommend discipline or determine legal liability for the bullying.Wells concluded that offensive linemen John Jerry and Mike Pouncey joined Richie Incognito in harassing Jonathan Martin, who left the team in October, and position coach Jim Turner participated in the taunting of a second player. That player is Andrew McDonald, now with the Carolina Panthers.The report found no evidence that the Dolphins front office or head coach Joe Philbin were aware of the conduct Martin found abusive.“There are lines — even in a football locker room — that should not be crossed, as they were here,” the report said. “We leave the determination of precisely where to draw those lines to those who spend their lives playing, coaching and managing the game of professional football.”Players would like to police themselves. It is, after all, their locker room.Teams want a big say in setting those parameters. Like any other employer, they are responsible for maintaining a safe and respectful work environment that adheres to both the league’s policies and federal law.The league is taking a hard look at the report, which details homophobic invective directed at McDonald.That element in particular is a hot button issue in light of SEC co-defensive player of the year Michael Sam’s recent revelation that he’s  homosexual, putting him in line to become the league’s first openly gay player.Being at the center of this scandal puts the Dolphins at the forefront of any bolstering of policies protecting players from bullying.The report said that in 2013, Dolphins players acknowledged receiving and understanding the personal conduct code and the workplace harassment and discrimination policies, both taken from the NFL handbook.The latter policy states that “harassment can include, but is not limited to: unwelcome contact; jokes, comments and antics; generalizations and put-downs; pornographic or suggestive literature and language. In addition, harassment and discrimination are not limited to the workplace: they example (sic), through calls, texts or emails, on a plane or team bus; at a team event; or at the team hotel.”The policy encourages reporting discrimination or harassment to the players’ union, a coach, human resources or NFL security.The report touches on a code against snitching that exists in NFL locker rooms, however, and Martin never did report the abuse before walking away from the team when he’d had enough.The Dolphins have already pledged to improve the team’s workplace conduct policies, which Wells called commendable. The team has formed an independent advisory group that includes Don Shula and Tony Dungy, along with several prominent retired players, to review the organization’s conduct policies and suggest improvements.“We must work together towards a culture of civility and mutual respect for one another,” the Dolphins owner said.“We encourage these efforts,” the report said. “The behavior that occurred here was harmful to the players, the team and the league. It was inconsistent with a civilized workplace — even in a professional football league and even among tough football players whose very profession is defined by physical and mental domination of players across the line of scrimmage.”___AP NFL website: www.pro32.ap.org___Follow AP Pro Football Writer Arnie Melendrez Stapleton on Twitter: http://twitter.com/arniestapletonlast_img read more


Science of the Ten Commandments

first_img(Visited 111 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Thinking about the Ten Commandments reduces cheating, even for atheists.In his weekly TV program on Fox News, John Stossel interviewed Dan Ariely, psychology professor at Duke University.  An iconoclastic reporter, libertarian and evolutionist, Stossel seems happiest when dismantling myths and showing that reality is often opposite what we believe or have heard.  He seemed speechless, though, when Ariely brought up the Ten Commandments.Stossel was expressing the idea that everybody cheats.  Ariely, a mythbuster himself, and not an obvious fan of the Decalogue, recalled an experiment  he ran in which students reduced their cheating when asked to think about the Ten Commandments – even if they could not list them and didn’t believe the Bible.  On his blog post July 1, he explained, “We once ran a study on cheating where we asked students to try to recall the Ten Commandments before an exam, and found that this moral reminder deterred them from cheating.” (For more detail on the experiment, see his May 26 article on the Wall Street Journal.)His blog post continued by citing an MBA professor, so upset with rampant cheating, that he asked his students to sign an honor pledge that listed the Ten Commandments and warned them if that if they violated it they would “be sorry for the rest of [their] life and go to Hell.”  Needless to say, complaints and controversy ensued at that school, but Ariely ended with some wit:Still, though I don’t doubt its effectiveness, the question remains whether we want to invoke such stringent punishments (stringent for those who believe, that is) on an MBA exam. Judging from the reactions in this case, I’m guessing that for most people, the answer is “no.” But it also makes me wonder about the people who didn’t want to sign this pledge….Stossel and Ariely must also be wondering what is it about the human psyche and the Ten Commandments that produces this kind of reaction in students but not apes.Well, no wonder.  People have a conscience.Exercise: Run an experiment in which students are warned before an exam to ponder the Fifteen Evolutionary Gems (hear podcast on ID the Future).last_img read more


Curlformers Genuine Patented Super Long Styling Hook, Don’t even try without it

first_imgUnless you have obtained genuinely great and sleek hair, this is the hook that will permit you use curlformers. The (engage in)issues integrated with the long and extralong sets (‘styling kits’) are simply useless to pull hair that is thicker, rougher, frizzier -even if 1 takes advantage of little sections of hair, and even speaking of healthful, shiny hair, which is simply just not that sleek. The ones i acquired held snapping in 50 percent, incorporating a significant hurdle to the finding out method. So, when itching to give the curlformers organization a a person-star ranking for currently being so low cost, i’m supplying the hook 5 stars.Mine did snap just after initially use although. Now i just use the hook half ?.Quick supply, terrific products and price tag.Key specs for Curlformers Genuine Patented Super Long Styling Hook for super long hair:Curlformers Long Styling Hookessential for applying Curlformersyour styling life will be so much easier.easy to useCurlformersComments from buyers“Don’t even try without it”Handy device that is utilized with curl formers it splits into two which is great for storage but can be a little difficult to use with the curlers.Was long sufficient for the long curls but was better than the just one that will come with with curls.A should if you happen to be utilizing the long curlformers – the smaller sized hook is far too little.Seriously like these hooks so a great deal superior than the affordable ones that split on initial use well pleased.last_img read more


Hindu youth from Pakistan selected for prestigious US award

first_imgA Hindu youth from Pakistan has been selected for the prestigious Emerging Young Leaders Award given by the US State Department for the positive role played by youngsters in building sustainable peace.Raj Kumar, from Pakistan, was among 10 youths from across the world who have been selected for the second edition of the ‘Emerging Young Leaders Award’ given by the State Department. Those selected for the award include youngsters from Malta, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Algeria, Tajikistan, Belgium, Vietnam, Peru and Israel.The young people selected for the award will visit the US for an intensive programme from April 30 to May 13, specially designed to explore their leadership capacities, strengthen their knowledge of management strategies in the non-profit, government and private sectors, learn and share best practices, and broaden their networks of resources and support, the State Department said in a statement yesterday.Kumar became an active member of the Pakistan-US Alumni Network (PUAN) following his participation in the State Department-sponsored Global Undergraduate Exchange Programme in 2013, the statement said.RAJ KUMAR: CRITIC OF EXTREMISM, ADVOCATE OF PEACEHe served in various leadership positions within PUAN and secured grants totaling USD 10,000 for projects focusing on countering violent extremist voices and promoting pluralism in society.Through one of his initiatives, ‘Days of Inter-religious Youth Action Promoting Peace through Arts, Sports, Dialogue and Music’, Kumar and his 10-person team brought together 500 community members from different ethnic and religious backgrounds to paint and share messages of peace through art and Sufi music, as well as teach teamwork and sportsmanship lessons, the State Department said.advertisementThrough another grant, Kumar provided training to women about Pakistani laws that protect their rights.”Raj recognises the power of traditional and social media to influence views; he wrote a piece titled ‘My Journey as a Pakistani Hindu’, that was picked up by a leading English-language newspaper in Pakistan, Express Tribune,” the State Department said.He also has spoken about the role of youth in addressing violent extremism on a prominent Pakistani TV network, Dawn News, and has been profiled by a prominent Facebook page, “Humans of Pakistan.”ALSO READ:Indian scientist cum IIT professor wins prestigious DRDO award  Eminent cardiologist Dr Ashok Seth conferred with prestigious Dr BC Roy Awardlast_img read more


21 days agoChelsea defender Zappacosta suffers serious knee injury at Roma

first_imgTagsLoan MarketAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Chelsea defender Zappacosta suffers serious knee injury at Romaby Paul Vegas21 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveChelsea defender Davide Zappacosta has suffered a serious knee injury in training with AS Roma.The Italy international joined the Serie A outfit on loan until the end of the season on transfer deadline day after becoming surplus to requirements at Stamford Bridge.However, the 27-year-old is likely to be out for the rest of the campaign after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament in a training session in a “non-contact incident”.Roma confirmed the full-back had successfully undergone surgery on his right knee in Rome to repair the ligament damage.”The club can confirm that Davide Zappacosta underwent surgery on Friday afternoon to repair the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee,” a statement read. last_img read more


Ambedkars statue desecrated in UP

first_imgBhadohi (UP): A statue of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar was desecrated by some unidentified people in Aurai area here, police said on Thursday. The statue, installed in a government primary school, was desecrated on Wednesday night, triggering tension in the area, they said. An FIR was registered in the matter, police said.last_img


Business Highlights

first_img___CBS denies former CEO Les Moonves $120 million severanceNEW YORK (AP) — Former CBS CEO Les Moonves will not receive his $120 million severance package after the company’s board of directors determined he was fired “with cause” over sexual misconduct allegations. The board said Monday it reached its decision after finding that Moonves failed to co-operate fully with investigators looking into the allegations. The board also cited what it called Moonves’ “wilful and material misfeasance,” violation of company policies and breach of his contract.___US sportswear traced to factory in China’s internment campsHOTAN, China (AP) — Chinese minorities held in internment camps are sewing sportswear that can end up on U.S. college campuses and sports teams. The Associated Press has tracked recent, ongoing shipments from one such factory inside an internment camp to a leading supplier in North Carolina. The factory is one of a growing number in the Xinjiang region, where by some estimates 1 million Muslims are detained. They are forced to give up their language and their religion and are subject to political indoctrination.___After the Fed’s likely rate hike this week, all bets are offWASHINGTON (AP) — Having raised interest rates with steady regularity in recent months, the Federal Reserve may embrace a new message this week: Flexibility. On Wednesday, the Fed is all but sure to impose its fourth rate hike of the year. But after this week, no one is certain what it will do. Neither, it may be, is the Fed itself.___Dow Jones industrials take second straight 2-per cent plungeNEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks sink to their lowest levels in 14 months Monday as retailers and health care and technology stocks fall. Some of the biggest losses are going to utilities and real estate companies, which have done better than the rest of the market during the turbulence of the last three months. The price of oil closed below $50 a barrel for the first time since October 2017.___Nissan board meets but no chairman picked to replace GhosnYOKOHAMA, Japan (AP) — Nissan’s board has met but no new chairman was picked to replace Carlos Ghosn, who was arrested last month on charges of violating financial regulations. Nissan Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa told reporters the board approved a special committee of outsiders to strengthen governance at the company. He said the company plans to be cautious about choosing a chairman. Recommendations for governance are due in March, and Saikawa said he was willing to wait until then to choose a chairman.___Silicon Valley East: Google plans $1B expansion in New YorkNEW YORK (AP) – Silicon Valley is becoming Silicon Nation. Google announced Monday it will spend more than $1 billion to build a new office complex in New York City that will allow the internet search giant to double the number of people it employs there. It is the tech industry’s latest major expansion beyond the Seattle-San Francisco Bay corridor. It follows recent steps by Amazon and Apple to set up large operations well outside their home turf.___Deported immigrants get their last flight on ‘ICE Air’HOUSTON (AP) — An obscure division of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement operates hundreds of flights each year to remove immigrants. Deportation flights are big business: The U.S. government has spent $1 billion on these flights in the last decade, and the Trump administration is seeking to raise ICE’s budget for charter flights by 30 per cent.___Next-generation of GPS satellites are headed to spaceDENVER (AP) — The U.S. Air Force is sending the next generation of GPS satellites into space. The new satellites are designed to be more accurate, secure and versatile. But some of their most highly touted features will not be fully available until 2022 or later. The first of 32 planned GPS III satellites, all being built by Lockheed Martin, is scheduled for lift off Tuesday from Cape Canaveral, Florida.___Malaysia files criminal charges against Goldman SachsKUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia filed criminal charges against Goldman Sachs and two former executives on Monday for their role in the alleged multibillion-dollar looting of state investment fund 1MDB. Attorney General Tommy Thomas said the government is seeking several billion dollars in fines from Goldman Sachs for breaches of securities laws that involved it making false and misleading statements to investors.___The S&P 500 skidded 54.01 points, or 2.1 per cent, at 2,545.94. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 507.53 points, or 2.1 per cent, to 23,592.98. The Nasdaq composite fell 156.93 points, or 2.3 per cent, to 6,753.73. The Russell 2000 index dipped 32.97 points, or 2.3 per cent, to 1,378.14.Benchmark U.S. crude fell 2.6 per cent to $49.88 a barrel in New York. Brent crude, used to price international oils, dipped 1.1 per cent to $59.61 a barrel in London. Wholesale gasoline shed 1.7 per cent to $1.41 a gallon and heating oil slid 1 per cent to $1.83 a gallon. Natural gas dropped 7.8 per cent to $3.53 per 1,000 cubic feet.The Associated Presslast_img read more