Classic John Lennon Album ‘Imagine’ Gets Extensive Box Set, Theatrical Film Re-Release [Video]

first_imgToday, Geffen and UMe announced an extensive new reissue of John Lennon‘s iconic 1971 album, Imagine, set to be released on October 5th. The new John Lennon Imagine box set will include 140 tracks spread over four CDs and two Blu-rays including rare outtake recordings, previously unreleased demos, isolated recording track elements, and much more. In addition to the deluxe box set’s audio element, Imagine — The Ultimate Collection will include a lengthy book about the making of the album.The deluxe box set, whose creation was overseen by Lennon’s widow and musical collaborator, Yoko Ono, aims to paint the complete picture of John’ss creative process on the monumental LP. As engineer Paul Hicks explains in the accompanying book,Yoko was very keen that these Ultimate Mixes should achieve three things – to be totally faithful and respectful to the originals, be generally sonically clearer overall and should increase the clarity of John’s vocals. It’s about John’ she said. And she was right. His voice brings the biggest emotional impact to the album.In addition to the announcement of the box set, John Lennon’s camp is revisiting the video components of the album’s initial release. The Imagine film and its companion documentary, Gimme Some Truth, were re-mastered frame-by-frame from the original film negative and completely remixed from the ground up from the original audio multi-tracks in stunning Dolby Atmos and 7.1 Surround Sound, this collage of colour, sound, dream and reality and star John Lennon and Yoko Ono with George Harrison, Fred Astaire, Jack Nicholson, Andy Warhol, Dick Cavett, and many more.The ground-breaking music film directed by John and Yoko is coming to cinemas on September 17th for a limited theatrical run. For a list of theaters playing Imagine this fall, or to grab your tickets now, head here. Watch a trailer for the release below.“Imagine”/”Gimme Some Truth” – Trailer For 2018 Release[Video: johnlennon] John Lennon Imagine — The Ultimate Collection TracklistCD1 – Imagine01. Imagine02. Crippled Inside03. Jealous Guy04. It’s So Hard05. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die06. Gimme Some Truth07. Oh My Love08. How Do You Sleep?09. How?10. Oh Yoko!The Singles & Extras11. Power To The People12. Well… (Baby Please Don’t Go)13. God Save Us14. Do The Oz15. God Save Oz16. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)CD2 – The Ultimate Mixes Disc 201. Imagine (strings only)02. Jealous Guy (piano, bass & drums)03. Oh My Love (vocals only)04. How? (strings only)Album out-takes05. Imagine (demo)06. Imagine (take 1)07. Crippled Inside (take 3)08. Crippled Inside (take 6 – alt guitar solo)09. Jealous Guy (take 9)10. It’s So Hard (take 6)11. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die (take 11)12. Gimme Some Truth (take 4)13. Oh My Love (take 6)14. How Do You Sleep? (takes 1 & 2)15. How? (take 31)16. Oh Yoko! (Bahamas 1969)Singles out-takes17. Power To The People (take 7)18. God Save Us (demo)19. Do The Oz (take 3)20. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (alt mix)CD3 – Raw Studio Mixes01. Imagine (take 10)02. Crippled Inside (take 6)03. Jealous Guy (take 29)04. It’s So Hard (take 11)05. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die (take 4 – extended)06. Gimme Some Truth (take 4 – extended)07. Oh My Love (take 20)08. How Do You Sleep? (take 11 – extended)09. How? (take 40)10. Oh Yoko! (take 1 extended)Out-takes – Live11. Imagine (take 1)12. Jealous Guy (take 11)13. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die (take 21)14. How Do You Sleep? (take 1)15. How Do You Sleep? (takes 5 & 6)CD 4 – The Evolution Documentary01. Imagine02. Crippled Inside03. Jealous Guy04. It’s So Hard05. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die06. Gimme Some Truth07. Oh My Love08. How Do You Sleep?09. How?10. Oh Yoko!Blu-ray Disc 1 – Imagine – The Ultimate Mixes01. Imagine02. Crippled Inside03. Jealous Guy04. It’s So Hard05. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die06. Gimme Some Truth07. Oh My Love08. How Do You Sleep?09. How?10. Oh Yoko!Singles & Extras01. Power To The People02. Well… (Baby Please Don’t Go)03. God Save Us (Bill Elliot vocal)04. Do The Oz05. God Save Oz (John Lennon vocal)06. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)The Out-takes01. Imagine (demo)02. Imagine (take 1)03. Crippled Inside (take 3)04. Crippled Inside (take 6 alt guitar solo)05. Jealous Guy (take 9)06. It’s So Hard (take 6)07. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die (take 11)08. Gimme Some Truth (take 4)09. Oh My Love (take 6)10. How Do You Sleep? (takes 1 & 2)11. How? (take 31)12. Oh Yoko! (Bahamas 1969)13. Power To The People (take 7)14. God Save Us (demo)15. Do The Oz (take 3)16. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (alt mix)The Quadrasonic Mixes01. Imagine02. Crippled Inside03. Jealous Guy04. It’s So Hard05. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die06. Gimme Some Truth07. Oh My Love08. How Do You Sleep?09. How?10. Oh Yoko!Blu-ray Disc 2 – In The Studio and Deeper Listening01. Imagine (take 10)02. Crippled Inside (take 6)03. Jealous Guy (take 29)04. It’s So Hard (take 11)05. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die (take 4 – extended)06. Gimme Some Truth (take 4 – extended)07. Oh My Love (take 20)08. How Do You Sleep? (take 11 – extended)09. How? (take 40)10. Oh Yoko! (take 1 – extended)The Raw Studio Mixes – Out-takes – Live01. Imagine (take 1)02. Crippled Inside (take 2)03. Crippled Inside (take 6 alt guitar solo)04. Jealous Guy (take 11)05. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die (take 21)06. How Do You Sleep? (take 1)07. How Do You Sleep? (takes 5 & 6)08. How? (takes 7-10)09. How? (take 40 alt vocal)10. Oh Yoko! (take 1 tracking vocal)The Elements Mixes01. Imagine (strings)02. Crippled Inside (upright bass & drums)03. Jealous Guy (piano, bass & drums)04. It’s So Hard (strings)05. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die (guitar, bass & drums)06. Gimme Some Truth (electric piano & guitar)07. Oh My Love (vocals)08. How Do You Sleep? (strings)09. How? (strings)10. Oh Yoko! (acoustic)The Evolution Documentary01. Imagine02. Crippled Inside03. Jealous Guy04. It’s So Hard05. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die06. Gimme Some Truth07. Oh My Love08. How Do You Sleep?09. How?10. Oh Yoko!11. Power To The People12. Well… (Baby Please Don’t Go)13. God Save Us/God Save Oz14. Do The Oz15. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)16. Tittenhurst ParkImagine John & Yoko – The Elliot Mintz InterviewsImagine / Gimme Some Truth DVD:Imagine01. Imagine02. Crippled Inside03. Good Morning04. Jealous Guy05. Don’t Count The Waves06. It’s So Hard07. Mrs. Lennon08. In Bag09. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die10. Mind Train11. Whisper Piece12. What’s That In The Sky?13. Power To The People14. Gimme Some Truth15. Midsummer New York16. Oh My Love17. How Do You Sleep?18. How?19. Oh Yoko!20. Beach / End CreditsGimme Some Truth01. Imagine02. Crippled Inside03. Oh Yoko!04. Jealous Guy05. It’s So Hard06. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don’t Wanna Die07. Gimme Some Truth08. Oh My Love09. How Do You Sleep?10. How?11. ImagineDVD / Blu-Ray Extras01. Jealous Guy (raw studio out-take)02. How? (raw studio out-take)03. Gimme Some Truth (raw studio out-take)04. David Bailey photoshootView Full Tracklist[H/T Consequence of Sound]last_img read more


Kiffin, coaching staff face recruiting test

first_img“The 19th Hole” runs Mondays. If you would like to comment on this story, visit or email Joey at [email protected] Let it now be said that when it comes to recruiting and reeling in decorated high school prospects, Lane Kiffin knows what he’s doing.There have been a number of criticisms directed toward the Trojans’ 36-year-old coach in recent years, but just about anyone, including his detractors, will concede the following: he can recruit with the best of them.Recent seasons only prove testament to that notion.Last February, 30 players signed with USC despite the fact that there would be no possibility of participating in a bowl game in their first season on campus. The class, nonetheless, was ranked No. 4 overall in the country by Yahoo Sports’ 2010, the Trojans signed 20 commits -— the No. 1 class, according to Perhaps even more impressive was that Kiffin and his staff had arrived at USC less than a month before national signing day and retained many of the same players who had originally committed to play for then-coach Pete Carroll.But this season might prove to be the toughest test for the Trojans’ heralded staff. And yes, you can of course attribute that to scholarship reductions, stemming from NCAA sanctions.This winter, roster management will become increasingly important for the program, and precision will be more necessary than ever.As outlined by the infractions report from June 2010, USC cannot sign more than 15 players for the class of 2012, excluding early enrollees who count toward the 2011 class. And by next fall, it can carry no more than 75 scholarship players on its roster.How the staff handles that remains a delicate balance.With national signing day on Wednesday, USC still intends to sign a full class, which in this case happens to be 15 as opposed to the typical 25 for fall enrollees.But bringing in 15 freshmen next August is more complicated than simply receiving faxed and signed letters of intent.For starters, USC currently has 66 scholarship players on its roster — excluding senior cornerback T.J. Bryant and sophomore safety Patrick Hall who have reportedly left the program, and senior defensive end Armond Armstead, who is unlikely to be cleared by the school’s medical staff. Armstead is expected to either transfer to another school for his senior season or declare for the NFL’s supplemental draft in the summer.That means in order to sign 15, six players need to go before fall camp. How that will happen remains to be seen.One method is for Kiffin and his staff to take away players’ scholarships, which are renewable annually. In that case, former walk-ons, junior linebacker Will Andrew, senior cornerback Tony Burnett and senior center Abe Markowitz, could all see their scholarships revoked.Another option to dwindle down to 75 would be for players to transfer, presumably players low enough on the depth chart. Who leaves, though, remains unknown.Rumors have circulated for weeks that sophomore quarterback Jesse Scroggins could be a likely candidate. The Lakewood, Calif., native was not at the team’s unofficial throwing session last Thursday. Though, Scroggins’ status with the program remains — to some degree — speculative at this point.But the toughest part largely centers around who USC will sign. With fewer and fewer scholarship offerings, USC can’t afford to miss on highly regarded prospects. And don’t think Kiffin, in spite of his recruiting pedigree, hasn’t missed before.Two years ago, USC signed a total of five five-star prospects: wide receiver Markeith Ambles, running back Dillon Baxter, offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson, wide receiver Kyle Prater and wide receiver Robert Woods.Since then, Ambles left the program, Baxter transferred to San Diego State, Henderson was released from his letter of intent and never played a down at USC and Prater transferred to Northwestern.It is probably worth noting at this point, and fair to point out, Woods turned out OK.But the point remains: Recruiting is an inexact science, at best.When typically signing classes around 25 players per year, there is added flexibility. If one running back happens to leave, that’s fine as there are two or three more in that particular class.That luxury, however, isn’t afforded to USC. It can’t afford to miss. It can’t afford to sign a player who is not able to stay academically eligible. It can’t afford to sign a player who doesn’t develop, either.There is little room for error this time around — even for Lane Kiffin.last_img read more


Passivhaus Spec Project

first_imgA Seattle developer has sold what he thinks is the first built-on-spec Passivhaus building in Washington state. And the sale bodes well for builders specializing in these extremely efficient designs.The 2,000-sq. ft. house, built on an infill lot at 3153 S. Oregon Street, is located in Seattle’s Columbia City area, in a cluster of 15 homes built by Dwell Development. Unit 13, as it’s called, was sold last November during the framing stage. A recent blower-door test confirmed that the house meets the Passivhaus airtightness standard of no more than 0.6 air changes per hour at 50 pascals of pressure (ach50).Still under construction, the house has 14-inch-thick double-stud walls (R-45) that will be filled with cellulose insulation. It also has an R-70 roof and triple-pane windows manufactured by Intus. The water-resistive barrier is Tremco EnviroDri. (For more specs, use the link for the Brute Force Collaborative website below.) The house sold quickly, and for a good priceWhat makes the project particularly encouraging to Maschmedt is that super-efficient homes are being snatched up by buyers even though they cost more than conventionally built homes. He says his houses typically are sold long before they’re finished.“There’s a huge demand for it,” Maschmedt said. “Our homes are already selling for a premium compared to the competition.” He said another builder in the same community built a conventional, 1,500-sq. ft. home and had it on the market by 178 days before selling it for $305,000. Dwell built a house of the same size, had it on the market for “zero days,” and sold it for $420,000.“When the economy went down and people were struggling to sell, our homes continued to sell because people who were buying in a down economy were doing their homework and wanted value,” he said.Nothing made that clearer to Maschmedt than comparing his sales results with those of his fellow developer, someone he says is delivering a “good product.”“We’re selling ours with zero market days for $120,000 more than he’s selling his for,” he said. “That’s for the same size house on the same street. I would love to make Passive our new standard, and that’s what we’re trying to do — to make Passivhaus our standard spec,” Maschmedt said. “Every home we do. That’s my goal.” The incremental cost was only $35,000Anthony Maschmedt, the developer, says he’s certain the house is the first spec Passivhaus in Washington State, and fairly certain it’s the first on an infill lot anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. The Columbia City area is on Seattle’s light-rail line and only a five-minute train ride from the city’s downtown.The house sold for $535,000. Other houses in the Dwell development range in cost from the high $300,000s to the upper $400,000s, Maschmedt said. Features that should allow the house to become Passivhaus-certified at the close of construction added about $35,000 to the price tag.Dwell builds between 15 and 20 homes per year. The company is building a total of 42 in Columbia City, including an additional two that will be built to the Passivhaus standard.Unit 13 is the first Passivhaus building that Dwell has constructed. The design team included architect Julian Weber, Passivhaus consultant Brute Force Collaborative, and Tadashi Shiga, of Evergreen Certified.last_img read more


Talking to Aging Parents About Money: Part 1

first_imgBy Carol ChurchParents teach us and give us so much, from the moment we’re born and throughout their lives. Even long after we’ve reached adulthood, most of us still turn to them from time to time (or more often!) for help, advice, and wisdom.As they grow older, however, adult children may begin to have some concerns about a difficult topic: their parents’ finances and care at the end of life. This conversation can be hard to start. Parents may feel defensive– worried that they are being infantilized or told what to do. Adult children may not want to intrude or hurt feelings, while also being concerned that perhaps, not all is not in order. Sibling issues can get tricky, too.For these reasons and more, many of us may be tempted to avoid this conversation. But it’s essential to start now. Here are six reasons why experts say this conversation can’t wait:Helps prevent the risk of financial abuse or poor financial decisionsUnfortunately, financial elder abuse happens every day, and in families where it would never be expected. It may go undetected for years. Having the money situation above board and known to all is a huge protection.It’s also the case that some older adults have trouble with their finances eventually due to illness or cognitive impairment. Talking more in depth about the situation can make this easier to prevent and put a stop to.Makes it less likely that families will have to go to courtWhen an older adult becomes incapacitated suddenly, it is sometimes necessary for adult children to take legal action simply to get access to funds to pay bills or to make healthcare decisions. Having a plan in place ahead of time means this difficult and time-consuming process won’t be necessary.Reduces the chance of paying too much in probate fees, estate taxes, and other feesWhen financial plans haven’t been made, families run the risk of paying costs they otherwise wouldn’t have had, such as probate fees due to the lack of a will or, if assets are large, the estate tax.Lets children know how to pay for health care and funeral and estate settlement costsAt a time of great family stress, there’s nothing worse than not knowing how to pay for costs of care or for legal assistance needed to settle affairs. When children know where to locate financial information and a plan has been made, this will be avoided.Allows children to know what end of life care is desired and not desiredNo one should have to guess as to what measures a seriously ill person wants taken or not taken. This issue can cause huge rifts between siblings. Typically, when measures such as wills and estate plans are completed, end of life decisions are also finalized and discussed.Ron Porter/, CC0Decreases stress and opens valuable and meaningful conversations among familiesThough everyone may feel awkward at first, talking about matters like inheritances, family money, the family home, and choices and desires regarding health care and living options at the end of life can actually be rewarding. It can bring families closer while making it less likely that conflict will occur later on, at tense or sorrowful times. It may even lessen the likelihood of family fractures or lifelong pain and regret. For instance, if a family business exists, it is crucial to make a plan for its disposition in advance.For more on how to start this conversation and what to include in plans and documents, visit part 2 of Talking to Aging Parents About Money.References:Fowler, K. (2016). Caring for Elderly Parents’ Estate and Finances. Retrieved from, M., & Schmall, V. (2017). Talking with aging parents about finances. Retrieved from Endowment for Financial Education. (2017). Prepare for Financial Changes as Family Members Ag. Retrieved from Edge. (n.d.) 5 tips for talking with your aging parents about their finances and health. Retrieved from read more


10 months agoGalatasaray, Marseille join battle for Tottenham striker Llorente

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Galatasaray, Marseille join battle for Tottenham striker Llorenteby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveThe race for Tottenham striker Fernando Llorente is heating up.Llorente is prepared to leave Spurs next month after being restricted to a bit-part role this season.The centre-forward has talked up a return to former club Athletic Bilbao, however they’re not alone in their interest.Fotomac says Galatasaray and Marseille are also interested in Llorente.The 33 year-old’s contract runs out at the end of this season. last_img read more


Imrans gameplay

first_imgNo matter the ulterior motives behind Pakistan PM’s unanticipated statement admitting the presence of 30,000 to 40,000 active militants on his soil, it was pleasant news for India, who has forever been arguing the same, majorly due to being hurt by the activities of the same militants. No one expected Imran Khan to state what he did during his visit. To put facts in line, Imran Khan cited the presence of militants, whose numbers draw a sharp contrast to those mentioned by Pakistan Army in April 2019. Following a crackdown on religious extremist institutions through FATF strictures, the Pakistan Army spokesperson had outrightly denied any presence of terror organisations in the country. However, Imran Khan notified the international community of at least “40 militant groups” active in the period following 9/11. Numbers provided by Khan also failed to match those submitted to FATF by his country and for this, Pakistan certainly has drawn up swords against it in the run-up to the next meeting of FATF in October where it faces the threat of being blacklisted. It can be examined that in Schedule-4 of Pakistan’s Anti-terrorism Act, the government was found to have only listed 8,000 active militants. Imran asserted the presence of as many as 40,000, if not more, which is about five times the mentioned number. Five times the number–no matter the expedited recruitment by terror outfits in Afghanistan and Kashmir–cannot be materialised in such a short span. Pakistan lied or its PM lied. Chances of former are higher since intelligence might as well corroborate the fact presented by Imran Khan. This reality, however, does not seem to aid Pakistan much in its deal with FATF. It is implied that Khan’s statement regarding the number of militants will draw abject criticism from the international community firstly for concealing the truth, followed by more cause to blacklist Pakistan at FATF meeting in October. But, the pertinent question which pops out of the box is whether PM’s statement in front of the international community was to atone to his country’s earlier lies and succumb to the FATF pressure or insert a wild card-type move for Pakistan to relay back up, this time with none other than US’s support. While the US-visit gave the much-needed boost to bilateral ties between the US and Pakistan, it is yet to be seen what impact would it have over Pakistan’s future. Through Imran Khan’s visit, Pakistan has surely brought back US attention to its shores; more so with the Afghanistan policy. The convergence of interests of both the US and Pakistan as far as Afghanistan is concerned is important in the wake of ongoing negotiations between the Taliban and the United States; Pakistan can hope to play a central figure in these negotiations. Afghanistan issue indeed has the capacity to bring back Pakistan and the United States on regular terms with the latter resuming military exercises that it had curbed last year along with security assistance. It is to be acknowledged that US’s interests will be better served through outright cooperation from Pakistan than through a rough patch–as was on display since last year. But, what Pakistan hopes to take away from Khan’s visit is the acknowledgement for honesty and support thereafter. It must not be forgotten that Pakistan remains under tremendous financial stress and Imran Khan has been doing whatever he can to rescue Pakistan from the shambolic economic status it was in when he assumed office. Under the vigilance of anti-terror financing watchdog FATF, Pakistan’s compliance with FATF’s Action Plan is the only way for the country to avoid getting blacklisted. Last time around, its all-weather friend China, as well as two more allies, came to its rescue when India and the others had assumed the adamant stance of blacklisting Pakistan and thereby isolating it from the global economy. Since then, Pakistan has been wary of the dangers that lie ahead if it does not live up to its commitments–curbing terror financing on its soil. Also Read – A compounding difficultyIrrespective of the honesty on display by Khan over the presence of militants, India would not shy from offering a mention of this fact that seems to have violated FATF’s confidence. For long, India has suffered the brunt of these terror outfits operating from Pakistani soil. Even in Khan’s term, the Pulwama carnage is a testament to this. Khan’s acceptance of a fact India has been always assured of is definitely a step in the right direction. But acceptance alone will not yield the desired results of global peace and anti-terror environment. Pakistan has to do more. Hafiz Saeed’s arrest was also a positive sign but his constant bails only signify lapse of commitment upon which Pakistan must dedicatedly build in order to avoid embarrassment at the FATF meeting. It would be interesting to see how Khan’s US card plays for an embattled Pakistan in the FATF gathering, given how US’s support and endorsement for Pakistan’s stance on anti-terrorism can turn the tables!last_img read more


MNS activist kills self party links it to ED notice to Raj

first_imgThane: An activist of the MNS allegedly committed suicide in Maharashtra’s Thane district, with some party leaders on Wednesday claiming he was “depressed and worried” over the Enforcement Directorate’s notice to MNS chief Raj Thackeray. However, the police said no suicide was found and a probe was underway to ascertain why he took the extreme step. A state spokesperson of the MNS said the deceased, Pravin Chowgule (27), was a loyal worker and fond of Thackeray, and his death was a “major loss for the party”. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’ However, police sub-inspector Mahesh Kawde said Chowgule was an alcoholic and used to be frequently depressed. He allegedly doused himself with kerosene and set himself afire at his residence in Kalwa township around 10 pm on Tuesday, Kawde said. When some of Chowgule’s neighbours saw smoke emanating from his house, they rushed there and took him to a local hospital where doctors declared him brought dead, he said. “No suicide note was found at the spot,” Kawde said, adding that the police registered a case of accidental death and a probe was underway. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&K He said Chowgule lived alone and used to work as a tourist car operator. “He used to be frequently depressed and was a liquor addict. He had earlier also attempted suicide on two-three occasions,” the official said. However, MNS Thane unit spokesman Nainesh Patankar said Chowgule took the extreme step as he was “depressed and angry” over the ED’s notice to Raj Thackeray. Prior to committing suicide, Chowgule expressed concern over this in posts on his Facebook page, he said. Another party worker said Chowgule was “worried” and constantly talking about Thackeray getting the ED notice. “We told him to calm down and take rest, but it did not work. We came to know of his extreme step on Tuesday evening and took him to a local hospital. Doctors told us he had 85 per cent burns and died before reaching to hospital,” he said. Meanwhile, a state spokesperson of the MNS said Chowgule was a loyal party worker and fond of Thackeray. “The party men knew him for his enthusiasm and he would paint his body in the party colour during every political event organised by the MNS…it is a major loss for the party,” he said. After getting information of his death, several MNS leaders and activists rushed to the hospital around midnight. Thackeray has been summoned by the ED in connection with a money laundering probe. He will appear before the ED on Thursday, the MNS earlier said. In a statement issued on Tuesday, Thackeray said he would “honour” the summons, and appealed to his party workers to maintain “peace and harmony” and not to indulge in violent protests. The ED is probing alleged irregularities related to loans and equity investment worth over Rs 450 crore by Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) in Kohinoor CTNL Infrastructure Company, which is developing Kohinoor Square tower in Mumbai’s Dadar area.last_img read more


Mens Hockey No 4 Ohio State sweeps No 13 Penn State in

Members of Ohio State’s hockey team celebrates after senior forward Freddie Gerard’s goal during the first period of Ohio State’s hockey game vs. Michigan on Jan. 11. Ohio State lost 2-1. Credit: Nick Hudak | For The LanternNo. 4 Ohio State (15-5-4, 8-3-3-2 Big Ten) won both away games against No. 13 Penn State (13-9-2, 5-8-1-1 Big Ten) this weekend, giving the Buckeyes three wins in a row leaving the weekend.Game 1The Buckeyes dominated their first match, winning 4-1 in an aggressive game against Penn State.  Midway through the first period, Ohio State freshman forward Gustaf Westlund, playing his first game since recovering from an upper body injury, scored his third goal of the season 10 seconds into a power play, putting the Buckeyes up 1-0.  With about a minute left in the period, Penn State scored on its own power play, bringing the score to 1-1. This would be Penn State’s only goal before the Buckeyes scored three unanswered to finish the game.Shortly into the second period, junior forward Tanner Laczynski, assisted by senior forward Mason Jobst and junior defenseman Gordi Myer, scored to give Ohio State a 2-1 lead.  Minutes later, Jobst once again assisted, this time helping Westlund score his second goal of the night. Then, with only 2 minutes left in the third period, Laczynski passed to junior forward Ronnie Hein. Ohio State shot 33 times while Penn State managed a season-low 22 shots. The Nittany Lions are No. 1 in the NCAA with 944 shots on goal this season. Ohio State is No. 2 with 856.Game 2Penn State showed more of its aggression in the second game, but Ohio State came out on top, winning 6-4.Ohio State took control of the game during the second period, scoring on four power plays in the middle 20 minutes to take a 5-3 lead it wouldn’t give up for the rest of the game.The first period was tame in comparison, with sophomore Grant Gabriele of Ohio State getting his first career collegiate goal with an assist from Hein.  Penn State answered with a goal 10 minutes later, tying the teams up 1-1 by the end of the period.The second period opened up with the Nittany Lions advancing their lead to 2-1 within the first two minutes.  Following a trip against Penn State, Ohio State began its run of goals on the power play. Senior forward Dakota Joshua tied the game up 2-2, which was followed by junior defenseman Matt Miller putting the Buckeyes up 3-2.  Penn State received a major penalty for boarding after a hit to the back of Laczynski, giving Ohio State five more minutes with the man advantage.  Despite being shorthanded, Penn State scored its third goal of the game, once again tying the teams up 3-3. Ohio State took advantage of the major penalty, with Joshua scoring his second goal that period. Then, with only a few minutes left in the second period, Westlund put a puck into the Lions’ net, advancing Ohio State to a 5-3 lead.Laczynski left the game following the hit by junior forward Blake Gober, and did not return. Midway through the third period, Jobst scored his 14th goal of the season, giving the Buckeyes their sixth score of the game. Penn State scored the last goal of the game, bringing the final to 6-4.Both teams were very evenly matched on the shot totals, with the Buckeyes shooting 39 times and the Lions shooting 38 times.The Buckeyes held Penn State to a combined five goals in the home series. The Nittany Lions averaged a NCAA-leading 4.86 goals per game heading into the matchups.Ohio State enters a bye week before facing off against No. 12 Notre Dame on Feb. 1. read more


Rooney right to leave Everton – Craig

first_imgFormer Everton player Nathan Craig believes Wayne Rooney’s decision to move to the MLS was the right one.The Caernarfon Town midfielder believes the former England captain made the right choice by deciding to continue his football career in the United States.Rooney signed for Major League Soccer side DC United on a free transfer this summer from Everton.The former Manchester United striker scored his first goal for the club in their 2– 1 win over Colorado Rapids, Rooney was also named captain for that match.“It seems like his career in the United States has gotten off to a great start after he scored that goal against former teammate Tim Howard,” Craig said.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“One thing is, he has always had an eye for goal and I’m sure he can continue to do that on a regular over there.”Meanwhile, Craig also spoke about his former team Everton, their new manager and the chances of them having a successful season.“I think Everton’s preseason campaign has not been the best. I know a lot of teams don’t pay attention to results in preseason friendlies but I think they’re important because winning games breeds confidence,” he said, according to Daily Post.“I don’t feel confident about the team’s chances this season, and a lot of others.”“Let’s just hope they find their rhythm and confidence before the season starts.”last_img read more