Love Shanghai MP strong incoming Biao take you up

observer network query to August last year, with the launch of Facebook interactive media content creation tools Instant Articles, greatly enhance the mobile web performance, Google also launched a mobile web acceleration project Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

at present, mobile web page loading problem is slow, error, reading difficulties, interactive anomaly, mobile web experience poor are likely to cause the loss of customers. In this era of "power, experience is king of mobile Internet, can give users a comfortable experience is essential. read more


How to find the keywords SEM B2C platform


for 1.3) here, because the cake industry is really do not know, do not know what are the cake alternatives, so give some examples of other industries, such as 1 cases: when we search in iPhone, then some iPhone high imitation products such as ciphone, hiphone often use "typical" the way to appear in search results (this in some C2C search in the most obvious cases: 2); there is such an example in the B2C industry, we fall in love.

Step one:

at the same time, in each of the above steps, can be divided into several small steps, when we enter the second logic level. For example, in the first logic level "1) keywords" you know this step, but also can be divided into: 1.1) with its own product oriented; 1.2) to industry product oriented; 1.3) to coexist and replacer oriented; 1.4) above the downstream industry chain oriented; 1.5) other some small steps, etc.. Of course, here is not to say that in the first logic level from 1 to 5)) contains the same small steps. read more


Love Shanghai gradually cancel the referer keyword display effect extension words and statistics on

by the way, CNZZ provides real-time visitor records of the last 7 days, Shanghai still slightly more powerful than love some statistics.

visitors only love Shanghai statistics, in addition to search words, and key account information, we can look at.

and Lenovo in May 15th, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement says it will gradually cancel the referer keyword display, Shanghai love this change led directly to the website visitors part of search words cannot directly display.

2. for the antecedents of visitors, may be part of business cannot be displayed in the search word. To find these conversations in the IP information, statistics analysis, love Shanghai trend to find visitors in real time, and then determine the search term. read more


How to improve the search engine of the website content included the proportion

web content to the original, but the original is not equal to high quality

the content of a web site to be included in search engines, then this site must be search engine spiders crawl and climb, with the search engine on the web is more and more strict, is now very low part of the web site search engine, such as the traditional blog site if a few days do not update then the search engine spiders will be gone for ever, so as an ordinary webmaster we must improve the spider crawling rate, what is web content were monitored every day to grab a spider, the two is an analysis of why spiders crawl these pages, the three is to create conditions for the new web content more spider crawl. Do these three points we can enter the Everfount web spider. read more


The web site is down right how to do data analysis

optimization is the three major search engines, each has their own rules of the ranking algorithm, but the core is to improve the user experience, to address the needs of users for the purpose, if your site is only for the Shanghai dragon to create content, so the user experience is poor, and the bounce rate is high that can not solve the needs of users, to experience the love of nature is also poor, Shanghai will not give good rankings and weight, so reflect the site right down is the most intuitive search engine rankings included and the decline of IP data, this time we should be the first time to the search engine ranking status collection, data analysis, find out and solve the problem. read more


The seasonal fluctuation and forecast hot site keywords

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and a few days ago Zhou Kehua was killed the news to some sites has brought a lot of traffic. In today’s highly developed network era, not the lack of hot news, all kinds of incident powder debut, how to see and capture these high traffic keywords is our webmaster to do some homework.

How to forecast the trend of

keywords, some keywords will fluctuate with the social hot spots, such as held a few days before the 2012 Olympic Games Forum, the words very engage in 2012 July search, but now the heat is much less than before, as shown below: read more


Keywords ranking stability is the key to play fast and loose

is the result of the website space, website inside some walking sites involved, recently moved to the other space, slowly improved, but still the snapshot is slow, it is only September 21st, but still have the keyword ranking, may also need a period of time slowly improved the website to slowly recover weight. Based on the keywords ranking unstable phenomenon, I think it should be an antidote against the disease situation is stable, keywords.

Hello, I am Shanghai attracting network. Love Shanghai algorithm changes sometimes mean the mood of the webmaster, this is not a year or so, recently keyword ranking fluctuation is very large, sometimes after the home page, and dropped to 100, when the site snapshot, site keywords ranking is very good, is in the first page of the top position, when no time to snapshot, almost all in 100, and this phenomenon has experienced a period of several months, a few weeks before the love Shanghai snapshot returned to August 21st, serious correction, keywords immediately disappeared. read more


How to do the long tail keywords

1. tools. For example, Jinhua keywords development tools, development tools like Shanghai keywords, love Shanghai index, after WordNet, great data

: what is the long tail keywords

1. to prepare high quality original content, improve the amount collected

long tail keywords named Incredibles is relatively long, usually consists of 2-3 words. Sometimes it is a phrase. Long tail keywords generally exist in the website content page title and content. According to authoritative statistics, the main keywords occupies only 20% of traffic, although the long tail keywords search volume keywords core was not so much, but a long tail keywords Many a little make a mickle., with several to dozens of traffic, so it can be accounted for 80% of the total flow. And the long tail keywords competition is lower, at present there are few people who know how to optimize the long tail keywords, so system, realize the long tail keywords is a good thing for us. read more


Website optimization to comply with the three must

: the first must have a positive attitude


each have their own set of optimization techniques, with good success. Use well, right down to K station is a heap then. K webmaster often to the forum posts for help, there are many enthusiastic friends will put their lived experience to share one out, let them know how to restore. Since it has had mixed success. The optimization is a bottom line, are out of the K may be more than the bottom line, or on the bottom line often wandering back, leading to the search engine is unbearable, you don’t have to endure. Direct K off. So we optimize the site when the search engine to abide by the bottom line, impassable, not casually to challenge his bottom line. My personal experience, website optimization process, the three must comply with the. read more