Police Warn of Door-to-Door Salesman Peddling Frozen Food

first_imgThe Ocean City Police Department is asking residents to be wary of a door-to-door salesman using intimidation tactics to sell frozen seafood products.“The salesman usually targets elderly persons who are home alone and can be easily intimidated by the high-pressure sales technique,” Capt. Steve Ang said in a news release. “Many times the resident will commit a large sum of money as a downpayment for products to be delivered at a later date. This involves the resident committing to a long-term contract and future financial obligations.”Ang said that while some food products have been delivered, none has been delivered to a customer’s satisfaction, and police have been unable to locate a legitimate food company in Ocean City operating under the name “Anchor’s Away.”A vehicle driven by the salesman is a white pickup truck or SUV with no identifying marks. The salesman identifies his company as Anchor’s Away.Ang said police have found unfavorable reviews for Anchor’s Away in Internet searches, but they have been unable to find where the products are manufactured or if they meet federal and state food safety guidelines.A local ordinance requires companies to be authorized by the City Clerk’s Office to solicit door-to-door (usually limited to charitable organizations) and to have an Ocean City mercantile license.Police suggest residents ask for a valid photo identification from anybody who approaches a home representing a company. And they ask residents to call police at 609-399-9111 with any suspicions or doubts.last_img

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