Jimmy Herring Shares Full-Set Video Of 2017 Invisible Whip Performance [Watch]

first_imgLast year, guitar virtuoso Jimmy Herring hit the road with a brand-new band, The Invisible Whip, featuring his former Aquarium Rescue Unit bandmate Jeff Sipe on drums, Jason Crosby on Wurlitzer/Rhodes keyboards, Matt Slocum on the B3 organ, and Kevin Scott on the bass.As Herring explained about the band and its spiritual connection to the late Col. Bruce Hampton in a 2017 interview with Live For Live Music,All of us are close with Bruce and even the band name—I don’t know who said that first, it could have been Roland Kirk or someone like that—but Bruce used to talk about the “invisible whip.” … It’s just basically an invisible motivational force that drives you, and I’ve kind of always heard it used in that context.Col. Bruce Hampton possessed the kind of power where he could walk into a room, and the music would change. … On a good night, when we were in his band, he would play us. If you could get out of your own way and let it come through you, his presence could actually play you as if we were an instrument—just by his mere walking into the room. Probably not that different from Sun Ra or Miles Davis. That’s the kind of power he possessed. You just wanted to devote yourself to him and open yourself up. He had that kind of thing, and it was incredible.Sometimes crazy things would happen on stage, like somebody would play something that they’ve never played before, and all the other musicians would notice it, and they would say, “man, what was that you played the other night?” Then the other person would go, “I have no idea.” Then, the next day, Bruce would call and go, “well, did you enjoy my visit last night?” He always heard about it somehow. We were always looking for logical explanations, and sometimes there just wasn’t one. … So, we hope that Bruce will come and get in there with us.The Invisible Whip delivered on this promise of musical fireworks throughout their 2017 run. Now, Jimmy Herring has shared a full video of the band’s July 25th, 2017 performance at Atlanta, GA’s Terminal West so you can relive the magic. Check it out below:Jimmy Herring and The Invisible Whip – 7/25/17 – Full Video[Video: Dillon Fries]For more information on Jimmy Herring’s various projects, head to his website.Setlist: Jimmy Herring and The Invisible Whip | Terminal West | Atlanta, GA | 7/25/17Set: Matts Funk, Black Satin, Sketch Ballad, Les Brers in A Minor, Jungle Book > Trondossa Jam > Jungle Book, New Moon, Scapegoat Blues, Sketch Slow 6/8, Sketch Up Tempo, Rainbow, Hope, SlopesEncore: 1911last_img

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