Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility Recognizes Three Outstanding Legislators

first_imgVermont Businesses for Social ResponsibilityRecognizes Three Outstanding LegislatorsVBSR will be presenting its annual legislator of the year awards to the three legislators listed below that have demonstrated bold leadership consistent with VBSR’s policy priorities. VBSR will present the awards at its 2008 annual Fall Conference at the Latchis Theatre in Brattleboro, October 30th.Legislators receiving these awards were chosen by the VBSR Board of Directors after reviewing recommendations of the VBSR Public Policy Committee made up of representatives from several VBSR member businesses. ‘VBSR honors and thanks these dedicated public servants for their tireless work in commitment to making Vermont the best place to do business,’ says VBSRs Executive Director, Will Patten.Representative Topper McFaun- Barre Town, is being recognized for his leadership and vision to bring about comprehensive health care reform. Topper thinks beyond the constraints of our current system to push for what is better and what is possible. He has traveled all over the state to speak to groups concerned about the staggering cost of health care. Topper has consistently challenged the status quo to start important conversations about how we can reduce the cost of health care, control its rising cost, and move to more equitable financing systems. Topper sponsored and advocated for H.304 – The Vermont Hospital Security Plan. Consistent with VBSR’s public policy priorities as outlined by its membership, Topper strongly believes that the current systems are not working, that health insurance needs to be de-coupled from employment, and that some form of public financing coupled with an individuals ability to pay is the only way to ensure health care is available for all.Senator Dick McCormack- Windsor County, is being recognized for his devotion and unyielding advocacy for innovative and sustainable energy policies and practices. Dick had been a consistent advocate for assertiveness on the environment. He challenges lethargy and timidity and urges other legislators to approach energy and environmental issues as if they really mean it. Dick has introduced bills that provide incentives for fuel efficient cars, establish a Vermont Common Assets Trust, require new road construction to have adequate shoulders for pedestrian and bike travel, and that promote a comprehensive approach to energy policy through energy conservation, efficiency, and energy independence.Representative Michele Kupersmith, D-South Burlington, is being recognized for her dedication to creating in Vermont the most productive and effective workforce. Michele has worked tirelessly to ensure that we wisely spend our limited state dollars dedicated to workforce development and education, and that we find sustainable funding sources for this important economic development priority. She has advocated effectively to ensure that training programs are evaluated for successful placements and job creation. Michele has consistently embraced the practice of the ‘multiple bottom line’ in all this work, knowing that what is good for our people and good for our communitys is what is good for business in Vermont.Vermont Business for Social Responsibility is the largest statewide business association of its kind in the United States. VBSR’s 600 members employ approximately 35,000 people in Vermont, equal to about ten percent of the state’s workforce. VBSR’s member businesses also generate approximately $3.5 billion in annual revenue.last_img

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