Brazil Will Have Reactor For Nuclear Submarine In 2014

first_imgBy Dialogo May 25, 2010 A good Uranium enrichment program, for the development of the Brazilian nation, but they should also begin thinking about the plant and reactor’s residues as they are dangerous to the environment and humans. I believe in the BRAZILIAN potential and we are on the right path, congratulations to the Navy, Aeronautics, Brazilian Army, and lastly, to the Honorable COMMANDERS of our ARMIES Brazil will complete the first reactor for its nuclear submarine in 2014, the coordinator of the Brazilian navy’s Nuclear Propulsion Program, André Luis Ferreira Marques, announced in an interview with state news agency Agencia Brasil. The Brazilian reactor will function initially with uranium enriched to 5% and later to 20%, he explained. He also said that this reactor will be a model for those used in future nuclear plants. The military official likewise explained that the Brazilian navy will inaugurate this year the Hexafluoreto de Urânio (Usexa) industrial plant, which will commence operation in 2011 and will produce the fuel (enriched uranium) for the submarine. Brazil began to produce uranium enriched to an industrial level in 2009, and its production is at a very early stage, for which reason it still buys abroad a good part of the uranium enriched to 4% that it needs for its nuclear plants. The Brazilians expect to attain self-sufficiency in nuclear fuel in 2014, a spokesperson for the state-owned nuclear firm Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil recently explained to AFP. Currently, according to the Brazilians, only six countries control the complete uranium cycle: France, Russia, Canada, the United States, Brazil, and Iran. Brazil will start construction of its first nuclear submarine in 2016 and finish it in 2021, adapting the conventional Scorpene it acquired from France in a seven-figure deal.last_img

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