YLD to lobby for law school loan measure

first_imgYLD to lobby for law school loan measure March 1, 2005 Regular News YLD to lobby for law school loan measurecenter_img The Young Lawyers Division has won authority to lobby for support of public agencies helping repay law school loans for their lawyers who have been on the job for at least three years. The approval came after the position was expanded to include legal aid attorneys.The Bar Board of Governors authorized the YLD to take its first-ever legislative position at the board’s January 28 meeting in Key West.The YLD began by asking to support a bill by Sen. Skip Campbell, D-Tamarac, that provides the state will begin paying back some student loans for assistant state attorneys and public defenders after they have achieved three years of service. The bill would boost the amount paid after six years and pay a maximum of $44,000.Noting that the bill was likely to be amended to include assistant attorneys general, Faehner told the Legislation Committee, which met the day before the board, that the section was seeking permission to lobby for the payment on behalf of “government attorneys.” But committee Chair Sharon Langer, who passed the gavel to participate in the debate, said it would be wrong not to include others, particularly legal aid attorneys.Faehner said the YLD board decided not to include legal aid attorneys for fear that would jeopardize the entire bill. “It’s going to be one step at a time,” he said. “I think by putting legal aid in there, it’s going to make it hard to make any progress, because people are going to focus on that rather than an incremental step” of getting help for prosecutors, public defenders, and attorney general staff.But when the committee pressed, Faehner said he would seek approval for the expanded coverage from the YLD Executive Committee, and the Legislation Committee approved the expanded position. The Bar board approved it unanimously the next day, and the YLD Executive Committee later approved the revised position.Faehner said the expanded position also meant the YLD would, in the appropriate forums, seek loan repayment help for local and federal government attorneys.last_img

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