Ithaca police chief addresses string of armed robberies, recent calls to defund police department

first_imgNayor stresses that a string of armed robberies like this is not something a police chief ever wants to see. The robberies took place at the Byrne Dairy on N. Meadow Street on July 12, The Quick Shoppe on Third St. on July 21, The Hilton Garden Inn on Seneca Street on July 25, A-Plus Gas Station on Cayuga Street on July 26, a convenience store on North Meadow Street later on July 26 and finally a robbery Tuesday morning at the Universal Deli-Grocery on Eddy St. ITHACA (WBNG) — Six armed robberies have taken place in the city of Ithaca since July 12 with five happening in just the last week. Ithaca Police Chief Dennis Nayor says the uptick in gun related crime has the department doing all that they can to keep up with the crimes, with limited resources. “Mechanisms need to exist so the police don’t become the catch all for things that should be addressed in other areas before they become problematic,” he says. “It seems to be a trend that I do not like, and we’re going to do all we can to control it,” he says. Two arrests have been made so far. 40 Year old Allen Forrest of Lansing was arrested Sunday after the North Meadow Street robbery and a 15 year old juvenile for the robbery on July 21st at the Quick Shoppe on Third St. The rest remain under investigation and Nayor says he believes some of them may be connected. The armed robberies come at a time when national protests are calling for police departments to be defunded, and several protests have been held against the Ithaca Police Department in recent weeks. Having said that, he stresses that these recent incidents underscore the need for adequate police funding, and the need for police to be able to respond to and properly investigate crimes within the community. center_img He says the ongoing investigations also underscore the need for the public and local police departments to work together to solve crimes like these. “We ask people if they do have information or tips to please call us and they can stay confidential, use our tip line and that can help us out in finding out who is committing these acts,” he says. Nayor says he doesn’t disagree with everything that protesters are calling for. He says he believes that issues related to mental health, homelessness and drug use shouldn’t be handled by the police, and improved mental health resources could prevent future crimes from taking place. “We don’t know how many of them and which ones but that remains to be seen and that’s part of the investigation,” he says. “We need to have officers to respond to calls, to be proactive, to do outreach,” he says “Right now we want to make sure we do everything we can and obviously that’s resource dependent and so we need to have the ability with staffing and funding to do that. Right now there’s movements toward defunding the police and that’s very much not consistent with what we need to achieve our mission,” he says. You can submit an anonymous tip to the Ithaca Police Department by clicking here. “Right now we’re starting to see the violence picking up, the calls with gun violence picking up,” he says. last_img

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