From a French fries bar to a global franchise in 10 years. Wake up to dream

first_imgRELATED NEWS: Everyone has ideas and desires, a lot of us are dreamers, and I also belong to the big dreamers, but if we are not proactive from the initial idea and do not start dealing with the question of how to realize that idea then it remains just a wish. It is on this assumption and mindset that most ideas fall into the water. The difference between desire and goal is huge. So, if we look at an idea and set it as our goal, then we know what steps we have to take to make that goal or idea come true. We define the business model, vision, strategy, goals, brand and move step by step into all the challenges that the business process and the market bring us. Plastically explained like that. Ah, make Croatia a successful and global fast food franchise. In addition to McDonalds, Burger King, and even with an ordinary death? Good point, isn’t it? Impossible. Come on kid don’t dream anymore… there were just some comments. Andrija and Denis are awake dreaming and living their dream. But there is a big difference from all dreamers, they dreamed with open eyes, had a goal and turned their dream into reality. And the first step to success is just to define a goal and get started, not just have a mere desire. Of course, the path to success is never a straight line upwards, some winding road with many obstacles, but it is important to have a direction of movement forward and most of all to know where we are going and where we want to get. ANDRIJA ČOLAK, SURF’N’FRIES: RETURN ON INVESTMENT OF MOBILE SURF’N’FRIES STANDS IS 45 DAYS One is desire, and something quite another is goal. Okay, Surf n Fries isn’t even close to McDonalds yet, which doesn’t mean it won’t be in a couple of years, but again, it doesn’t even have to be. The current figures speak for themselves. Surf n Fries in Russia And it was this portal that started with an idea and a wish, which immediately after a short research turned into a goal. It all started with one idea, letter, word, blog and finally today for more than three years the leading tourist b2b portal in Croatia. Surf n fries today are much more than just a french fries bar or fast food. The story will only spread from year to year, and no one should be surprised if Surf n Fries is practically next to the biggest global players in a couple of years. As they might say, they “invented french fries” again, in a fun and innovative way. Most of all through a special way of packaging, ie packaging, where through innovation in the global market they have totally changed the way we look at and consume popular fries. Andrija Čolak and Denis Polić exactly 10 years ago had a dream, a vision and a goal, and not just a wish. Their goal was to open a french bar, and later slowly expand it. But after the opening and great success, the idea immediately came to them to conquer the global market through the franchise model and the Surf n fries brand. Surf’n’Fries started with one store in Rijeka exactly ten years ago, and today it operates franchises on 4 continents in almost 20 countries with over 70 franchises. The Australian market was opened at the end of last year, they entered the Russian market strongly, and the first Surf’n’Fries in Mexico will open soon. ANDRIJA ČOLAK OPENS THE FIRST AGENCY FOR CONSULTING IN FRANCHISE BUSINESS IN TOURISM – CFCGlast_img

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