NP Krka: Water turbidity is a natural phenomenon, the water quality in NP Krka is of excellent quality

first_img“With constant supervision and monitoring by sensory buoy, regular water quality tests in the Krka National Park have been carried out since its establishment in cooperation with the Public Health Institute of Šibenik-Knin County and the Public Health Institute of Split-Dalmatia County. This time, other independent institutions are included in the analysis, in order to completely remove any suspicions of pollution or any threat to the water resources of the Krka National Park.”Point out from NP Krka. The reason for the turbidity of water in some parts is the natural phenomenon of the so-called. relocation. Independent tests at several locations have shown that Krka water is not only healthy, but rich in dissolved oxygen, with high preservation of ecosystems, and short-term turbidity is a natural consequence of sediment uplift due to water temperature differences in some microlocations, concluded the expert water analysis. “Podaci izmjereni terenskom sondom pokazali su i da je voda uzvodno od Roškog slapa značajno hladnija (18°C) od one u dijelu Visovačkog jezera (24°C). Takve temperaturne razlike često izazivaju kratkotrajno zamućivanje vode, tzv. izmještavanje. Naglašavamo da je riječ o potpuno prirodnoj pojavi uzrokovanoj razlikom u temperaturi vode, (topla voda se ‘uzdiže’ iznad hladne) uslijed koje dolazi do podizanja sedimenta s dna. Takva vrsta zamućenja između Roškog slapa i Visovačkog jezera je kratkotrajna i nema nikakve veze s onečišćenjem”Point out from NP Krka. After the occurrence of water turbidity in some parts of the Krka National Park, and citizens’ fear of pollution, the Krka National Park conducted an expert analysis of water quality, conducted by the Ruđer Bošković Institute and the Biology Department of the Zagreb Faculty of Science, which confirmed that water in the National Krka Park of excellent quality. “Rezultati analize kvalitete vode u NP „Krka“, koju su 22. srpnja 2019., proveli stručnjaci s Biološkog odsjeka Prirodoslovno-matematičkog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu te Instituta Ruđer Bošković, pokazali su da je kakvoća vode ‘izvrsna’ sukladno svim važećim uredbama, a potvrđuju i to da na spomenutom području nema onečišćenja rijeke” point out from the Krka National Park, and emphasize that the water is rich in dissolved oxygen, with high preservation of ecosystems, while short-term turbidity is a natural consequence of sediment uplift due to the temperature difference of water in some microlocations.center_img Also, the examination established that the water in the Krka National Park does not contain heavy metals, toxic substances or fecal bacteria that would potentially endanger the purity of the water and related ecosystems. In places of significant biological activity, the highest values ​​of chlorophyll were measured, and high values ​​of dissolved oxygen were observed, which confirms that there was no significant decomposition of organic matter. The last sampling of surface water of the Krka River was performed at six stations and no anthropogenic pollution was observed at any of them. The results show that the water is healthy and safe for everyone to swim in the designated places. Moreover, the analysis of the concentration of trace metals (zinc, cadmium, lead and copper) showed that in NP “Krka” the concentrations of these metals are many times lower than those prescribed by the regulation on water quality standards (OG 73/2013, 151/2014, 78/2015). , 61/2016). Since the protection of the Krka River is the basic mission of the Public Institution, we have so far implemented a number of measures to protect it from possible pollution, conclude the Krka National Park.last_img

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