TV shows credited with fall in pregnancies

first_imgThe Dominion Post 17 November 2012 Once blamed for glamorising children having babies, teen pregnancy reality shows are now credited with a drop in New Zealand’s teenage pregnancy rates. A new report from the Abortion Supervisory Committee suggested shows like 16 and Pregnant might deter unwanted pregnancies by depicting the struggle young people faced when raising children. The show, and other spin-offs, chronicle the struggles girls face when they become pregnant while still in high school. It also suggested social media peer pressure against being a young mother, and increased contraception use might also have contributed to the falling rates. Last year 4247 teenagers gave birth – down 387 from 2010, Statistics New Zealand figures show. Teenage abortion rates fell as well, down 17 per cent from 2010. Family Planning national medical adviser Christine Roke said her organisation had supported the broadcast of reality television series highlighting the struggles teenaged parents faced. She was delighted by the report’s suggestion the shows could be having a positive effect. “Reality TV is a great form of education,” Dr Roke said. “What is striking about the report is that it is the younger age group that seem to be dropping, which is great news, because they are particularly vulnerable when it comes to handling unintended pregnancies.”

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