‘Girls think they have to act like porn stars to be liked by boys’

first_imgThe Telegragh 9 September 2013Almost a third of school pupils believe online pornography dictates how young people have to behave in a relationship, the study of 601 pupils aged 11 to 18 reveals.The majority of pupils surveyed – 72 per cent – also said porn should be talked about in sex education classes, suggesting existing lessons are too focused on the mechanics of reproduction and lack meaningful discussion about the issues young people face online every day.Claire Lilley, policy advisor at NSPCC, said: “It’s natural for children to become curious about puberty and sex. If they are not learning what they need to at school or at home they will turn elsewhere, including to porn. What pornography teaches boys is that girls are for sexual gratification, whilst girls feel they have to look and perform like ‘porn stars’ to be liked and valued by boys. This makes children vulnerable to being forced or pressured into behaving sexually.” The comprehensive study, commissioned by The Daily Telegraph, highlights the extent to which the growth of online porn is, in many cases, distorting school children’s ideas and real-life experiences about what a good relationship looks like.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/sex/10282145/NSPCC-Girls-think-they-have-to-act-like-porn-stars-to-be-liked-by-boys.htmllast_img

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