OA Football

first_imgThe Oldenburg Academy football program has accomplished a lot in their 4 years of competition.  Last year they had a winning record in the 1st year they were eligible to play in a sectional and they got one win there.This year has not started off so well, according to Coach Wes Gillman.  The school of 217 students has only 22 players on the team and 6 of those are freshman.  When he lost his quarterback in the first half of the first game, he was down to 14 varsity players.  It is very difficult to maintain a program under these circumstances.In a discussion with Wes on Coaches Corner, he stated that they definitely need to find a full practice facility. (Theirs is about 40-yards long).  They also must come up with a playing field and bleachers so they truly can play a home football game.  Without these, it is hard to find the 30-40 boys it takes to run a full football squad.  Here is hoping they get those facilities very soon.last_img

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