Are You Getting Bored With Baseball?

first_imgThe races in major league baseball are as competitive as ever.  What is turning people off is the length of the games.  I am sure you have heard a lot of theories on how to make it quicker.  It is very unusual for any game to be completed in less than 3 hours. Sports like soccer, with all of their action, are taking fans away from baseball.I think the biggest thing to speed up the game is for umpires to call the strike zone like Abner Doubleday meant it to be called.  When some of you and I were kids, the strike zone was the knees to the shoulders.  I swear, some umpires think the strike zone is one foot wide and two feet right in the middle of body only.  This leads to many full counts, and thus, slower games.  Also, the umpires need to get backing from the League so they can enforce the rules about keeping players in the batters box and pitchers throwing a pitch to the plate in a reasonable time.  I could elaborate on some of the things certain players do before they step into the batters box, but my Huddle Ups are not that long.  Maybe in another Huddle Up!In summary, the main two things to help shorten the game as I see it are for the umpires to call a full strike zone and for the League to give umpires the authority to force players to speed it up!last_img

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