Blog rebuttal: Revisiting preseason SU football predictions

first_img Published on October 13, 2010 at 12:00 pm Comments BLOG POST: Despite notching impressive win at South Florida, Syracuse’s postseason outlook remains relatively wide open Andrew L. John Goin’ Hog Wild Despite Syracuse entering the weekend at 4-1, that preseason prediction of mine hasn’t changed much. That initial prognostication had Syracuse finishing the season at a respectable 6-6. Hey, that’s not bad. I also went on record that SU would start the season 3-1 before doing so. The only thing that has happen so far that I didn’t correctly project was the win at South Florida. So the question has to be posed: Did that win alone make me want to change my initial prediction? Though the win was undoubtedly impressive, my answer would be ‘not really.’AdvertisementThis is placeholder text Look, Doug Marrone himself said earlier this week the Orange will have to ‘fight and scratch’ every week to win in the Big East. While some teams may appear to be down, others are looking up. SU isn’t the only Big East bottom dweller to impress this season. Look at what Louisville and Rutgers have done. No win is guaranteed. Though the Big East is wide open and the Orange looks better, through five games, than many had anticipated, that one impressive win is still just one win. A convincing victory over Pittsburgh this weekend, however, would definitely change that. But looking at SU’s situation as is, I can’t definitively say the Orange will be 7-5 or better. I certainly think it can happen, but need more evidence before going on record that it will happen. That may be why this weekend’s matchup is so intriguing. For now, I’ll stick to my guns and add just one win. ‘For now’ being the key phrase. Post-USF prediction: (7-5, 3-4 Big East) [email protected] REBUTTAL: ‘Capable’ Orange team has proven itself against adversities, should cruise to program’s 1st bowl since 2004 Tony Olivero Purify the colors Well, prior to the season, I pegged SU to be 4-1 at this point in the season. Picked ‘em to beat Akron, Maine and Colgate. Picked ‘em to lose to Washington. Picked ‘em to upset South Florida. Spot on, eh? Well, that’s where it will end. 100 percent over the first four games; but from here on out, my preseason predictions will unravel. SU won’t go 1-6 the rest of the way. For one simple reason. SU has done the one thing thus far that I expected would keep them from getting to a bowl game: Sure up the in-season problems that would arise. But more importantly, sure them up before the upcoming three-game stretch. The word that stuck out with this team in summer camp was ‘capable.’ The Orange was bowl-capable. SU had the first string to get to seven wins. But it was all with the first team. With the first injury to a weak unit (wide receivers), the capable offense would unravel. But with the win over USF last weekend, SU proved that won’t be the case. With the touchdown catch from Marcus Sales, the Orange actually slapped that thought in the face. Jarrod West, Aaron Weaver and Steve Rene were out for the year. But the second string stepped up when needed to. It turned from capable to proven, just like that. But before that instance, it was proven with the 15 freshmen who have played thus far this year. They — most especially one of the favorites for Big East Rookie of the Year, Marquis Spruill — are here to stay. But, more importantly, they are here for this year. This team will be bowl-bound. The Orange won’t finish 5-7. Now it is about a different kind of capable. A different kind of better. All because SU went from capable to proven before these three games. Post-USF prediction: (8-4, 4-3 Big East) [email protected] REBUTTAL: Unexpected win at South Florida changes everything, puts Marrone’s team in prime position for bowl berth Brett LoGiurato Outrageous Fun Did I pick Syracuse to go 5-7 this season? Yes. Could it still go 5-7 this season? Absolutely. Will it still go 5-7 this season? Absolutely not. The win at South Florida changes a lot. Doug Marrone cried, and that’s how you know something big is going on here. Most did not expect Syracuse to win in Tampa, Fla., last weekend. Now the Orange is currently a one-point favorite against the preseason Big East favorite, Pittsburgh, at home Saturday. To quote Michael Scott, ‘Oh, how the turn tables.’ One week ago, the Orange was a team surrounded with questions after a 3-1 start against a still-winless Akron team and two FCS squads in Maine and Colgate. Now, SU has moved into Big East contender position. One week ago, Marrone does not show emotion. Now, he’s wiping tears from his face. With all that being taken into account, the outlook on the season has to change. That being said, a bowl berth is still very much in question. USF was one step. Now, the Orange will face the best of the Big East over the next three weeks, starting with Pittsburgh. Next will be trips to Morgantown, W. Va., and Cincinnati. I could see the Orange stealing one of those three. So, in three weeks, SU will be 5-3, staring in the face of a bowl. Then, it’ll be a four-game make-or-break situation for said bowl. The Orange will beat Louisville. And I think SU can win one of three against Rutgers, Connecticut and Boston College at home. The key is winning one of the next three, and then beating Louisville. With tears from Marrone, anything is possible. Post-USF prediction: 7-5 (4-3 Big East) [email protected]center_img Facebook Twitter Google+last_img

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