LIB Life: Ridiculed for Pursuing Music, Now A Hit-maker

first_imgEmerging Liberian Afrobeats hit-maker, Jaredo.The story of Liberia’s fast-rising Afrobeats singer Jaredo18-year old singer Jaredo’s sudden rise in the music industry is a testimony of the importance of hard work and dedication.The “Nobody” singer in a year has dropped back to back hit records, which continue to rock every club and community across the entire country.However, the young man’s success in the music industry did not just happen overnight. It is indeed the result of hard work and passion for the music game.As an upcoming vocalist back in high school, Jaredo was constantly mocked by friends and family members for his quest to pursue music as a professional career.“This is the saddest thing that happens to you as a young man trying to pursue a dream without any support. It is sad because you are mocked and branded less talented from people who you expect to be supportive of your dream,” Says Jaredo.But despite the odds, he kept his head, struggling to prove himself right and has eventually come out stronger.His dedication and passion for the music game paid off when King Jaffar, founder of SOG Records, took him under his tutorship after proving his musical skills to the record label owner during a freestyle session.“When I first saw Jaredo, I never knew he had that kind of talent until he demonstrated it to me.  Jaredo is a hardworking artist who is committed to everything he does with maximum passion. He’s a true musician and someone with greater potential,” says Jaffar.A few weeks later after his meeting with King Jaffar, Jaredo secured a collaboration record deal with CIC, SOG record’s leading artist on the song “Pekin John,” a move which helped to cement his place in the music industry. CIC is also brand ambassador for telecom giant, Lonestar Cell MTN.Fast-forward to 2018, a year later after being signed to SOG, Jaredo emerged in the limelight with two hit bangers — “Wait For You” and “Nobody” — featuring Stunna and PCK respectively.“We are the ultimate deciders of our own fate, not other people. It was for this reason that I decided that no matter the circumstances, I’m going to pursue my dream as a musician and now, that determination is paying off little by little,” Jaredo told LIB Life.The path to his music careerJaredo appears to be gradually but consistently gaining ground in the Liberian music industry with his gentle but unmistakable solo voice that carries over even the hardest tracks. And then, there’s his growing portfolio of local and international collaborations, including a recent record with promising Ghanaian music artist Kuami Eugene, titled “Your Waist.”Jaredo says he became obsessed with music after listening to some of Wizkid’s songs. “I never thought of becoming a musician until I started listening to Wizkid’s songs, and his story inspired me to pursue a similar path. Although when I started singing, I was not too good, I worked hard to perfect my voice and to bring something new to the music industry.”Such determination led Jaredo to not just self-training his vocals, but his writing skills as well, so as to battle the fear of being seen as an artist who sticks to one style of singing because of the lack of lyrics.Due to such dedication to his craft, Jaredo has found himself among a few artists in the country who do not have one singing style, a move that also showcases his uniqueness as an artist.“Jaredo is a talented musician whose confidence is growing each day. It is quite difficult to find artistes at his age who are committed to their craft by caring about what they write and release. And Jaredo is a good artist with lots of potential,” says Charles Bruce, founder of Imedia, a social media platform that is geared towards supporting Liberian entertainment.“I love music; therefore, I ’m careful about the kind of music I put out there for the public use. For this reason, I continue to work harder to perfect and diversify my lyrics and singing style in each song I put out there,” Jaredo added.Reconciling with doubters Despite the earlier lack of support, Jaredo has now reconciled with those friends and family members that once mocked him during the start of his musical journey.“Their lack of support taught me to be resilient and passionate about my career.  One way or another, they contributed to the growth of my career by not supporting me.“I’m a kind of person that does not look up to people, and everything I do, I try to rely on myself. If I’m not strong for myself, no one else will be. Therefore, I have to stand up for myself to get what I want,” the Afrobeat singer noted.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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