UG Berbice Campus hosts anti-violence fair

first_imgElimination of violence against womenThe University of Guyana Berbice Campus on Monday observed the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women with several programmes targeting young males with the aim of educating them about violence against women.This is the 19th year the United Nations has set aside a day for elimination of violence against women. At the UG Berbice Campus, social work classes have been hosting programmes annually in observance of the UN day from the first through the fourth year.Previously, much of the focus was on women, and empowering them. However, Lecturer Paulette Henry explained that this year it was different, with the focusPersons at the UGBC elimination of violence against women fairbeing on young males.“We had, over the years, activities that would have targeted the entire population; but for this year specifically, we wanted to target younger males — teen males and youth — and we have worked in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Protection,” she said.Henry noted that two officers for that ministry are fourth-year students and are being trained to take the skills they acquired at the university into the communities in which they work.“So we feel that with the issues that we have in Berbice, the University has a responsibility to be a part of the conformation of the actions that are necessary to reduce the amount of violence that we are having,” she said.Meanwhile, Coordinator of the Division of Social Sciences, Chelsea Halley-Crawford, noted that 16 days have been set aside in observance.November 25 is set aside as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.According to Halley-Crawford, Monday’s activity was referred to as their orange day event, during which they were trying to promote ways other than violence which can be used to solve social issues.During the workshop, persons who were victims of domestic violence participated in sharing the anti-violence message.Halley-Crawford said the Violence against Women workshop targeted males since, according to studies, they are mostly the aggressors in domestic disputes.“We tried to focus on men, since they are the dominant figure in the home. If we can get men to understand that there are several ways in resolving an issue — it doesn’t have to be hitting; and if we can get them to learn ways of coping and dealing with issues, we can move from where we currently are in society, and we will not have to hear of the murder or abuse of another woman,” she said.She said that, at the 16 days of activism, the University is hoping that at least one male would have changed.“Everything starts with one, and if we can have one step, it’s progress.”Fourth year student Anson Barrington told this publication that the class had organised a health both on the Campus.“We are promoting women’s health in observance of observed the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.” Pamphlets on women health issues were available on campus.Another fourth-year student, Sharron Gilbert, further explained that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other illnesses are prevalent among females. She said persons at the health booth also received information on depression and other related conditions. Meanwhile, Henry said the university has been making an impact, since persons in Berbice have been calling to enquire about the workshops and programs.last_img

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