The `gold standard’

first_imgRe “Unpunished conduct” (Our Opinions, Sept. 20): Yes, Fire Chief Barry needs to prove himself by dishing out tough discipline to those responsible for misconduct. But this means all ranks. Wearing a gold badge does not put a person above the law, the rules and regulations of the LAFD, or exempt them from discipline. Capt. Frank Lima stood up for the law and the rules and regulations. That’s why a jury unanimously awarded him $3.75 million in June. But Chief Barry hasn’t “dished out” any discipline to the chief officers who retaliated and discriminated against Lima for refusing to treat women firefighters differently. Until Barry eliminates the infamous double “gold standard,” the costly jury awards and settlements will continue. – Chris and Eric Mattson It may give the Goldman family (especially) some solace to know their son’s killer may actually go to prison. Justice eventually may prevail – better later than never. – Sol Taylor Sherman Oaks AQMD v. diesels Re “European solution” (Your Opinions, Sept. 20): Charles L. Murray wrongly blames Big Oil for the absence of fuel-efficient Eurodiesels in California. The culprit is not Big Oil but Big Snake Oil, the facts-be-damned environmentalist crowd that has made California off-limits for all diesels including new-technology cars like the VW turbo diesel. My son has the last model sold in the People’s Republic of California. That 2003 Beetle routinely delivers 54 mpg with no soot, smoke or noise. That engine is available in 49 states, but not California. Want to save fuel? Give consumers who foot the bill a voice equal to the environmental bureaucrats who run the Air Quality Management District. – Mark F. Sullivan Westlake Village Bad advice Alan Greenspan clarified his book’s remarks on Bush and Iraq as follows: “… if somebody had asked me (Read: did ask) `Are we fortunate in taking out Saddam?’ I would say (read: did say) it was essential.” Thus, in the midst of a plethora of conflicting input about Saddam’s WMD threat, Bush got that kind of advice from the highly respected Greenspan. So, how can we still solely blame a “lying” Bush – as is the wont of the liberal left – for making an ill-advised, to say the least, decision to invade Iraq, after all? Plus, lest we forget, there were several, well-documented, Iraqi WMD liars themselves unfortunately contributing to Bush’s pre-invasion state of mind. – Harvey Pearson Los Feliz More lies? In his speech last week, President Bush stated that there were 36 countries providing troops to Iraq. Yet the State Department in a recent weekly briefing stated only 25 had troops in that nation. Bush was also the man who said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, wasn’t he? How many more of our fine young women and men are going to have to be killed because this administration (as stated by Donald Rumsfeld on “Meet the Press,” April 2003) wants to “capture the oil fields.” – Jean Strauber Encino Fall of Vietnam Re “Democrats are caught ‘tween Iraq, hard place” (Sept. 13): President Nguyen Van Thieu pulled the rug out from under the army of South Vietnam. Thieu, who ordered the withdrawal of forces from the central highlands. A retreat that became a rout. Some units, (South Vietnamese Rangers) fought valiantly until the final collapse of South Vietnam. Many in the South Vietnamese army simply ran away. All of this witnessed on national television. The vast majority of Americans opposed President Ford’s request for additional aid to South Vietnam. Many in America asked the question, Why send a new rifle to someone who threw way his last rifle? The U.S. Congress followed the people’s desires. That, Thomas Sowell, is how a republic is truly supposed to work. Once in a while, the people are so loud that even Congress can hear them. In the case of South Vietnam, the utterly corrupt government of South Vietnam is to blame. In the case of Iraq, well – mission accomplished. – Gavin Feehan Granada Hills160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! (LAFD retired) Fallbrook Better late than never Re “O.J. out on bail” (Sept. 20): The irony of the century may actually take place in Nevada. O.J. Simpson freed of two murder counts and constantly avoiding a multimillion-dollar civil judgment may finally meet his day with justice if convicted of any of the felony charges now facing him in Las Vegas. last_img

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