Foreign Exchange Violation Case Against Baba Ramdev

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Radical Sikh outfit seeks U.S. intervention in Kashmir issue

first_imgEndorsing “right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people”, radical Sikh outfit Dal Khalsa has urged the U.S. to intervene to resolve the prolonged dispute with the help of the U.N. in the Security Council and tripartite mediation at the political level among India, Pakistan and the Kashmiris.In an open letter to U.S. President Donald Trump, the outfit has expressed concern regarding the political status of Kashmir and the resulting geopolitical situation in South Asia as a result of the Indo-Pak tensions.“We endorse the Kashmiri’s unequivocal right to self-determination and stand-in solidarity with them..Your [Mr. Trump] offer for mediation twice in the last two weeks attains significance as it is quite evident from the history of the last seven decades that India and Pakistan cannot resolve the issue bilaterally, it is time for the U.S. to lead the campaign for mediation as any delay can be disastrous,” wrote Harpal Singh Cheema, president, Dal Khalsa.Dal Khalsa along with the Simranjit Singh Mann-led Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) had criticised the scrapping of Article 370, saying the move would further alienate the people of Kashmir and that peace would be a casualty.Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh on Saturday said the outfit alongwith the SAD (Amritsar) and the United Akali Dal would stage protest in Punjab on August 15.“Our members will peacefully march across 15 districts to lodge our protest against injustices and political subjugation. Also, we will protest against the inconclusive probe into Bargari sacrilege cases of 2015 and the closure report filed by the CBI. The Punjab government’s decision of granting pardon to four police personnel, who were convicted of abduction and killing of a Sikh youth in 1993, is another issue that we will highlight,” said Mr. Kanwar Pal.last_img read more

Franchisees turn to uncapped players

Meniscal allograft transplantation

first_imgAlternative NamesMeniscus transplantDefinitionMeniscal allograft transplantation is a type of surgery in which a meniscus — a cartilage ring in the knee — is placed into your knee. The new meniscus is taken from a person who has died (cadaver) and donated his or her tissue.DescriptionIf your doctor finds that you are a good candidate for a meniscus transplant, x-rays of your knee are usually taken to find a meniscus that will fit your knee. The donated meniscus is tested in the lab forany diseases.Other surgeries, such as ligament or cartilage repairs, may be done at the time of the meniscus transplant or with a separate surgery.You will likely receive general anesthesia before this surgery. This means you will be asleep and unable to feel pain. Or, you may have regional anesthesia. Your leg and knee area will be numbed so that you do not feel any pain. If you receive regional anesthesia, you will also be given medicine to make you very sleepy during the operation.During the surgery:The meniscus transplant is usually performed using knee arthroscopy. The arthroscope is inserted into your knee through a smallincision. The scope is connected to avideo monitor in the operating room.The surgeon inspectsthe cartilage and ligaments of your knee, confirming that a meniscus transplant is appropriate, and that you dont have severe arthritis of the knee.The new meniscus is prepared to fit your knee correctly.If any tissue is left from your old meniscus, itis removed.An incision is made in the front of your knee to insert the new meniscus.The new meniscus is sutured in place.Anotherincision may be needed to sew the meniscus in place. Screws or other devices may be used to hold the meniscus in place.After the surgery is finished, theincisions are closed. Adressing is placed over the wound. During arthroscopy, most surgeons take pictures of the procedure from the video monitor to show you what was found and what was done.advertisementWhy the Procedure Is PerformedTwo cartilage rings are in the center of each knee, one on the inside (medial meniscus) and one on the outside (lateral meniscus). When a meniscus is torn, it is commonly removed by knee arthroscopy. Some people can still have pain after the meniscus is removed.A meniscus transplant places a new meniscus inthe knee where the meniscus is missing. This procedure is only done in cases of meniscus tears that are so severe that all or nearly all of the meniscus cartilage is torn or has to be removed. The new meniscus can help with knee pain and possibly prevent future arthritis.Meniscus allograft transplantation may be recommended for knee problems such as:Inability to play sports or other activitiesKnee painKnee that gives wayUnstable kneePersistent knee swellingRisksRisks of any anesthesia are:Allergic reactions to medicationsProblems breathingRisks for meniscal transplantsurgery are:BleedingInfectionNerve damageStiffness of the kneeFailure of the surgery to relieve symptomsFailure of the meniscus to healTear of the new meniscusDisease from the transplanted meniscusPain in the kneeWeakness of the kneeBefore the ProcedureTell your health care provider what medicines you are taking. This includes medicines, supplements, or herbs you bought without a prescription.During the 2 weeks before your surgery:You may be asked to stop taking medicines that make it harder for your blood to clot. These include aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), naproxen (Naprosyn, Aleve), and other medicines.Ask your health care provider which medicines you should still take on the day of your surgery.If you have diabetes, heart disease, or other medical conditions, your surgeon will ask you to see your doctor who treats you for these conditions.Tell your health care provider if you have been drinking a lot of alcohol, more than 1 or 2 drinks a day.If you smoke, try to stop. Ask your health care provider or nurse for help. Smoking can slow wound and bone healing.Tell your doctor about any cold, flu, fever, herpes breakout, or other illness you may have before your surgery.On the day of surgery:You will likely be asked not to drink or eat anything for 6 to 12 hours before the procedure.Take the medicines your health care provider told you to take with a small sip of water.Your health care provider will tell you when to arrive at the hospital. Be sure to arrive on time.After the ProcedureFollow any discharge and self-care instructions you are given.After the surgery, you will probably wear a knee brace for the first 6 weeks. You will need crutches for 6 weeks to prevent putting full weight on your knee. You will likely be able to move the knee right after surgery. Doing so helps prevent stiffness. Pain is usually managed with medications.advertisementPhysical therapy can help you regain the motion and strength of your knee. Therapy lasts for between 4 and 6 months.How soon you can return to work depends on your job. It can take from a few weeks to a few months. It can take 6 months and a year to fully return to activities and sports.Outlook (Prognosis)Meniscus allograft transplantation is a difficult surgery, and the recovery is hard. But for persons who are missing the meniscus and have pain, it can be very successful. Most people have less knee pain after this procedure.ReferencesBrockmeier SF, Rodeo SA. Knee: Meniscal injuries. In: DeLee JC, Drez D Jr, Miller MD, eds. DeLee and Drezs Orthopaedic Sports Medicine. 3rd ed. Philadelphia, Pa.: Elsevier Saunders; 2009:chap 23, section B.Packer JD, Rodeo SA. Meniscal allograft transplantation. Clin Sports Med. 2009;28:259-283.Review Date:4/16/2013Reviewed By:C.Benjamin Ma, MD, Assistant Professor, Chief, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service, UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Also reviewed by A.D.A.M. Health Solutions, Ebix, Inc., Editorial Team: David Zieve, MD, MHA, Bethanne Black, Stephanie Slon, and Nissi Wang.last_img read more

LeEco Le 2, Le Max 2 quick review: Look ma, no 3.5mm audio jack!

first_imgThis quick review is such that no matter how we start, Apple will invariably be part of it. So, let’s go ahead and get that out of our way first. We all know that Apple has been working in the shadows to get rid of the proverbial analog 3.5mm audio jack in its next-generation iPhone. So much for working in the shadows!The bottom-line is that the days of the 3.5mm headphone jack are all but numbered. It’s just a matter of time before it catches up and spreads like wild fire, especially after Wednesday’s turn of events. Unfortunately for Apple, the Cupertino giant wouldn’t be the one beating the drums for being there first. LeEco will.For those who haven’t heard, LeEco is an entertainment conglomerate based in China. It is often called the Netflix of China. Basically it provides video streaming services and has recently ventured into hardware space, manufacturing TVs, smartphones, a VR headset, Bluetooth speakers and what not. Heck it also has a smart driverless car — the LeSEE — to its name.On Wednesday, the company launched two new ‘Superphones’ in India — the Le 2 and the Le Max 2. Both the phones have no 3.5mm headphone jack. So, where do you connect your heaphones, you ask? Well, you connect them to the phones’ USB Type-C port. Wait, what?The Le 2 and the Le Max 2 are the world’s first smartphones to feature a USB Type-C audio connector which means that the same port that you use for charging and data syncing can be used to connect your heaphones. The company has designed special USB Type-C headphones for the purpose. You can purchase them separately for Rs 1,999.advertisementThey are no ordinary USB Type-C headphones though. They are harbingers of LeEco’s home-brewed Continual Digital Lossless Audio or CDLA technology that allows the new phones to churn out lossless audio. This means, what you see is what you get. All your FLAC files for instance will play ‘untouched’ via LeEco’s compatible headphones, just the way they are meant to sound.You can also keep using your standard 3.5mm headphones with the new phones using an adapter that ships with the box. Note that, your standard headphones will not be able to make use of LeEco’s CDLA technology, as it is integrated right into the proprietary headphones sold separately.  Additionally, both the phones support Dolby Atoms sound tech on speakers.Also Read: LeEco launches Le 2, Le Max 2 with Type-C audio starting at Rs 11,999 Club the phones’ one-of-a-kind audio experience with the company’s digital multimedia content ecosystem, and you have yourself quite a deal, even more so if you like to consume multimedia on the go. Both the phones ship with one year free content membership — which includes films, TV shows and music — that LeEco will offer in collaboration with services like Yupp TV and Eros Now. LeEco normally charges Rs 4,999 for a one year membership program. The Le 2 and the Le Max 2 are the world’s first smartphones to feature a USB Type-C audio connector which means that the same port that you use for charging and data syncing can be used to connect your heaphones That’s not the only highlight of LeEco’s new phones. Both the phones come with top-tier hardware, which when you take into account their aggressive pricing makes them instantly stand out in the crowd.The Le 2 and Le Max 2 boast of full-metal unibody and rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, much like their predecessor phones, the Le 1S and the Le Max. If anything, they are thinner and lighter than the outgoing phones. And equally well-built if not better.While the Le 2 is a 5.5-inch phone, the Le Max 2 comes with a larger 5.7-inch screen. The Le 2 has a fullHD resolution display, while the Le Max 2 has a QuadHD screen. What really impresses though is their near-bezel less display resulting in a fantastic screen-to-body ratio.On the inside, both the Le 2 and the Le Max 2 offer high-end hardware. The Le 2 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 652 processor (a mid-level CPU in an affordable phone is something to look forward to) while the premiere Le Max 2 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor under the hood. The Le 2 has 3GB RAM and 32GB memory while the Le Max 2 has a whopping 6 gigs of RAM and 64GB of memory. Asus recently unveiled the ZenFone 3 Deluxe with 6GB RAM and the upcoming OnePlus 3 is also rumoured to have the same. Whatever be the case, the Le Max 2 certainly belongs to a rare breed of phones for now.advertisementBoth the phones are dualSIM capable, support 4G LTE (VoLTE ready) and run Android 6.0 Marshmallow-based EUI out-of-the-box. Expandable storage is not supported.On the camera front, the Le Max 2 sports a 21-megapxiel camera on the rear with f/2.0 aperture, optical image stabilisation and phase detection autofocus. There’s also an 8-megapixel camera on the front. The Le 2 on the other hand sports a 16-megapxiel camera on the rear with PDAF and dualLED flash along with an 8-megapixel camera on the front.While the Le Max 2 has a 3,100mAh battery inside, the Le 2 is backed by a 3,000mAh battery. Both the phones support fast charging.LeEco has priced the new phones quite sensibly. While the Le 2 has been priced at Rs 11,999 the Le Max 2 costs Rs 22,999. The Le Max has the guts to take on the Xiaomi Mi 5 and even the upcoming OnePlus 3, while the Le 2 will go neck to neck with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and the Moto G4 Plus. Watch this space for out full review of the LeEco Le 2 and the LeEco Le Max 2 in the days to come.Also Read: LeEco Le 1S (Eco) quick review: It’s show time!last_img read more

German coach Joachim Low shocked after World Cup 2018 elimination

first_imgDefending champions Germany were eliminated from the 2018 FIFA World Cup on Wednesday after they suffered a 2-0 loss at the hands of a tenacious South Korea.Germany would have progressed with a win at the Kazan Arena but barely looked capable of scoring against the Koreans, let alone going on to successfully defend the title they won in Brazil four years ago.Stoppage-time goals from Kim Young-gwon and Son Heung-min finished off Joachim Low’s sorry Germany side, who finished bottom of the group on three points.Sweden won the group after thrashing Mexico 3-0 to also deny South Korea a spot in the knockout stages.2018 FIFA WORLD CUP: FULL COVERAGEGemrany have won four World Cup titles and also finished runners-up four times and entered this year’s tournament heavily backed to retain their title.When asked about the elimination, Low struggled to explain what had happened with his team.”I’m shocked. Shocked because we didn’t manage to pull it off and beat Korea Republic and we lost this game. It wasn’t my impression when I spoke to the team before that they were under pressure before the match because the Sweden game was on at the same time and we really had the feeling that our team wanted to move ahead and qualify for the knockout stages,” Low said.MATCH HIGHLIGHTSLow refused to comment over his future as Germany were eliminated in the first round for the first time in 80 years.”How do we go from here? We’ll have to talk about it calmly and I think it’s premature for me to say something. It will take me some hours to come to terms with it and I’m incredibly disappointed by this elimination,” the 58-year-old said.advertisementDefending champions Germany crash out of World Cup after losing to South KoreaLow also added that the massive upset would not lead to a dark future for German football.”Do I think this will bring about a dark time in German football? No, I don’t think so. I think we have young players who are very talented, and some have the potential to go forward. This has happened to other nations before, we just have to draw the right conclusions and make it better going forward.”FIXTURES | POINTS TABLEMeanhwile, Korean coach Shin Tae-yong was full of praise for his team as they registered a famous vvictory against the world No. 1 team.”I feel great but at the same time I feel a little bit empty, so I feel a little bit ambivalent. Yesterday we said there was only a one per cent chance and so I told my players it really was a last-ditch effort for them and I told them that they had to fight until the end,” Tae-yong said.”Germany are the defending champions and No1 in the FIFA Ranking, so I thought about what mistakes Germany might make, because they probably felt they would be able to beat us thats what everybody thought. I thought we could use that as a reverse strategy and that has really hit the nail on the head,” he added.last_img read more

It’s National Bloody Mary Day, So Drink Up

first_img 7 Fall Cocktail Recipes to Enjoy With Cooler Weather Today is National Bloody Mary Day, which, of all the booze-related “holidays,” seems to be one of the most appropriate. For most of us, January 1 is probably a day that we’ll spend hungover, not just from trying to make sense of 2018, but also from the massive amounts of beer, wine, Champagne, and cocktails we consumed last night to celebrate the end of the aforementioned year.So, to honor the first liquor-themed holiday of 2019, we’ve collected four new Bloody Mary recipes to help start the year off right. Or, if not right, at least a little better than it was before you mixed a drink. If you’re too lazy (or hungover) to make your own, you can always check out the best Bloody Mary mix you can buy.Diamond Reserve Bloody MaryTabasco(Created by Tabasco)1.5 oz vodka4 oz Bloody Mary mix*2 drops sesame oil2 oz dry ProseccoBlack and white sesame seeds, for garnishLong cucumber slice, for garnishSlice of red pepper, for garnishLemon peel, for garnishMethod: In a mixing glass, add all ingredients, except for the Prosecco and garnishes, and stir with ice to chill. Strain into a stemless wine glass with a large square ice cube. Top with Prosecco and garnishes.*Bloody Mary mix1.5 cups tomato juice.5 tbsp Diamond Reserve Tabasco Pepper Sauce1 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce1 tbsp celery salt1 tbsp Tajin seasoning (or .5 tablespoon chili powder)Method: Combine all ingredients and chill until ready to use.Ferris Bloody FerrisNoah Fecks(Created by Jenny Lakin, Ferris, New York City)2 oz vodka2 oz tangerine juiceMcClure’s Bloody Mix, to topTajín seasoning, for the rimParsley, for garnishCelery plume, for garnish,2 peppadew peppers, for garnish2 olives, for garnishMethod: Rim a highball glass with Tajín seasoning. Add ice to the glass and pour in vodka, tangerine juice, and Bloody Mary mix. Garnish and enjoy.Rising SunMomofuku Nishi(Created by Lucas Swallows, Momofuku Nishi, New York City)5 oz high-quality tomato juice/puree (preferably Pomi strained tomatoes)1.5 oz Breckenridge Chili Vodka.5 oz Bull Dog Tonkatsu Sauce.25 tsp wasabi1/8 tsp yuzu koshuSoy sauce, to tastePinch of white pepperPepperoncini, for garnishLemon wedge, for garnishMethod: Fill a highball glass with ice and add ingredients. Garnish with pepperoncini and lemon wedge.Belle Isle Honey Habanero Bloody MaryBistro Off Broad(Created at Bistro Off Broad, Winder, Georgia)2 oz Belle Isle Honey Habanero Moonshine1 cup Bistro Bloody Mary mix*Old Bay, as neededPickled vegetables, for garnishBleu cheese stuffed olives, for garnishPepperoncini, for garnishLime wedge, for garnishMethod: Rim a pint glass with Old Bay and fill with ice. Add Belle Isle Moonshine and Bistro Bloody Mary Mix. Garnish with pickled vegetables, olives, pepperoncini, and a lime wedge.*Bistro Bloody Mary mix1 46 oz can Sacramento tomato juice2 tbsp prepared horseradish4 tbsp Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce6 dashes Tabasco sauce2 tsp celery salt2 oz lemon juice2 oz olive brine2 tsp ground black pepperMethod: Combine all ingredients and refrigerate overnight. How to Make Loco Moco, a Hawaiian Staple Dish 9 Cocktails Recipes to Mix Up for National Rum Day 10 Classic Vodka Cocktail Recipes You Can Mix at Home 6 Classic Tequila Cocktail Recipes You Need to Know Editors’ Recommendations last_img read more

Nova Scotia Welcomes Liability Law

first_imgCriminal Code changes that were prompted in large measure by theWestray tragedy, take effect across Canada today, March 31,making organizations and their senior officers liable forcriminal acts related to workplace safety. “Nova Scotians applaud Bill C-45,” said acting Justice MinisterErnest Fage. “These are important Criminal Code changes that holdorganizations accountable to the public interest. We supportthese practical, progressive changes in the law, and we’re gladto see them take effect today.” Under the federal legislation, there is now an explicit legalduty among those who have responsibility for directing the workof others to take reasonable steps to prevent bodily harm or fatal injuries among workers. Mr. Fage said Nova Scotia is taking a proactive approach to theimplementation of Bill C-45. The province brought together thekey players who are often called to investigate accidents in theworkplace. Several provincial departments are working with the PublicProsecution Service, RCMP, Halifax Regional Police, the NovaScotia Chiefs of Police Association, Workers’ Compensation Boardand Human Resources Development Canada, to make sure staff areaware of the new law and to ensure that they are working togetheron common approaches to investigations. Bill C-45 increases the maximum fine for lesser (summaryconviction) offences. The old fine was $25,000; the new fine is$100,000. For more serious (indictable) offences, there is nolimit on the fine that can be imposed by the courts. The federal government has published a plain language guide toBill C-45 on the website at canada.justice.gc.ca/en/dept/pub/c45/index.html .last_img read more

Imrans gameplay

first_imgNo matter the ulterior motives behind Pakistan PM’s unanticipated statement admitting the presence of 30,000 to 40,000 active militants on his soil, it was pleasant news for India, who has forever been arguing the same, majorly due to being hurt by the activities of the same militants. No one expected Imran Khan to state what he did during his visit. To put facts in line, Imran Khan cited the presence of militants, whose numbers draw a sharp contrast to those mentioned by Pakistan Army in April 2019. Following a crackdown on religious extremist institutions through FATF strictures, the Pakistan Army spokesperson had outrightly denied any presence of terror organisations in the country. However, Imran Khan notified the international community of at least “40 militant groups” active in the period following 9/11. Numbers provided by Khan also failed to match those submitted to FATF by his country and for this, Pakistan certainly has drawn up swords against it in the run-up to the next meeting of FATF in October where it faces the threat of being blacklisted. It can be examined that in Schedule-4 of Pakistan’s Anti-terrorism Act, the government was found to have only listed 8,000 active militants. Imran asserted the presence of as many as 40,000, if not more, which is about five times the mentioned number. Five times the number–no matter the expedited recruitment by terror outfits in Afghanistan and Kashmir–cannot be materialised in such a short span. Pakistan lied or its PM lied. Chances of former are higher since intelligence might as well corroborate the fact presented by Imran Khan. This reality, however, does not seem to aid Pakistan much in its deal with FATF. It is implied that Khan’s statement regarding the number of militants will draw abject criticism from the international community firstly for concealing the truth, followed by more cause to blacklist Pakistan at FATF meeting in October. But, the pertinent question which pops out of the box is whether PM’s statement in front of the international community was to atone to his country’s earlier lies and succumb to the FATF pressure or insert a wild card-type move for Pakistan to relay back up, this time with none other than US’s support. While the US-visit gave the much-needed boost to bilateral ties between the US and Pakistan, it is yet to be seen what impact would it have over Pakistan’s future. Through Imran Khan’s visit, Pakistan has surely brought back US attention to its shores; more so with the Afghanistan policy. The convergence of interests of both the US and Pakistan as far as Afghanistan is concerned is important in the wake of ongoing negotiations between the Taliban and the United States; Pakistan can hope to play a central figure in these negotiations. Afghanistan issue indeed has the capacity to bring back Pakistan and the United States on regular terms with the latter resuming military exercises that it had curbed last year along with security assistance. It is to be acknowledged that US’s interests will be better served through outright cooperation from Pakistan than through a rough patch–as was on display since last year. But, what Pakistan hopes to take away from Khan’s visit is the acknowledgement for honesty and support thereafter. It must not be forgotten that Pakistan remains under tremendous financial stress and Imran Khan has been doing whatever he can to rescue Pakistan from the shambolic economic status it was in when he assumed office. Under the vigilance of anti-terror financing watchdog FATF, Pakistan’s compliance with FATF’s Action Plan is the only way for the country to avoid getting blacklisted. Last time around, its all-weather friend China, as well as two more allies, came to its rescue when India and the others had assumed the adamant stance of blacklisting Pakistan and thereby isolating it from the global economy. Since then, Pakistan has been wary of the dangers that lie ahead if it does not live up to its commitments–curbing terror financing on its soil. Also Read – A compounding difficultyIrrespective of the honesty on display by Khan over the presence of militants, India would not shy from offering a mention of this fact that seems to have violated FATF’s confidence. For long, India has suffered the brunt of these terror outfits operating from Pakistani soil. Even in Khan’s term, the Pulwama carnage is a testament to this. Khan’s acceptance of a fact India has been always assured of is definitely a step in the right direction. But acceptance alone will not yield the desired results of global peace and anti-terror environment. Pakistan has to do more. Hafiz Saeed’s arrest was also a positive sign but his constant bails only signify lapse of commitment upon which Pakistan must dedicatedly build in order to avoid embarrassment at the FATF meeting. It would be interesting to see how Khan’s US card plays for an embattled Pakistan in the FATF gathering, given how US’s support and endorsement for Pakistan’s stance on anti-terrorism can turn the tables!last_img read more

Roberto Osuna assault case returns to Toronto court amid JaysAstros series

first_imgTORONTO – Former Blue Jays pitcher Roberto Osuna’s assault case returns to court today in Toronto.The 23-year-old Osuna was charged in May with assault in an alleged domestic incident.Osuna’s lawyer has said his client is remorseful over the incident but plans to plead not guilty if it goes to trial.The lawyer has also said he is hoping for a peace bond that could lead to withdrawal of the assault charge.Major League Baseball suspended Osuna without pay for 75 games for violating its domestic violence policy and he was later dealt to the Houston Astros.The Blue Jays and Astros are scheduled to play the second game of a three-game series tonight in Toronto.last_img read more

Deadline nearing to file appeal of Bissonnettes sentence for mosque murders

first_imgQUEBEC — Crown prosecutors and defence lawyers have less than a week left to decide whether to appeal the sentence handed down to the gunman who killed six men in a Quebec City mosque.Alexandre Bissonnette, 29, was sentenced on Feb. 8 to life in prison without possibility of parole for 40 years. On Jan. 29, 2017, Bissonnette stormed into the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Centre and opened fire, killing six worshippers.He received the harshest prison sentence ever in Quebec and one of the longest in Canada, which since a 2011 Criminal Code reform has allowed consecutive life sentences for multiple murders.But it was well under the six consecutive life sentences — 150 years before being eligible for parole — sought by the Crown.In a letter issued after the sentencing, Bissonnette’s parents called their son’s sentence “very severe” and said the Crown’s proposed sentence encouraged a desire for revenge.The six life sentences were automatic after he pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, but the defence had asked that they be served concurrently, meaning he would have been eligible for parole in 25 years.Quebec Superior Court Justice Francois Huot rejected the Crown’s call to sentence Bissonnette to 150 years with no chance of parole, arguing a sentence of 50 years or more would constitute cruel and unusual punishment under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.But instead of sentencing Bissonnette to serve the six sentences concurrently, Huot rewrote the 2011 consecutive sentencing law so he could deliver consecutive life sentences that are not in blocks of 25 years, as had been the case. That was how he arrived at the 40-year total.Lawyers for Bissonnette did not respond to a request for comment Tuesday. The office of Quebec Attorney General Sonia LeBel said that a decision will be made no later than March 11, the date when the 30-day period to file an appeal ends.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Music titan father of Beyoncé Mathew Knowles to speak in Halifax

first_imgHe founded Music World Entertainment and moulded the solo careers of his daughters, along with their roles in 90’s pop group Destiny’s Child.“With our educational partner Velsoft we have created something that will change the way people learn about the music industry,” said Knowles in a news release.“It’s going to be something totally new and exciting that we can’t wait to launch.”READ MORE She runs the world, and he steered her career.Now Mathew Knowles — father to internationally known singers Solange and Beyoncé — is bringing his industry expertise and valuable advice to Nova Scotia.The customizable training material company Velsoft is welcoming the legend this month, and the entertainment manager, producer and author will also be sharing his insights as keynote speaker to a master class at NSCC Waterfront Campus. Advertisement Mathew Knowles, father of superstar Beyoncé Knowles, will be in Halifax on August 15. (Facebook) Twitter LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment center_img Advertisement Login/Register With: Advertisement Facebooklast_img read more

PAM Demands Govt. Response to Casablanca Sexual Assault, Ceuta Border Stampede

Rabat – While investigations into the shocking sexual assault on a Casablanca bus are still ongoing, the Modernity and Authenticity Party (PAM) has asked the Moroccan parliament to summon Minister of Interior Abdelouafi Laftit in order to provide explanation for the attack. The members of the party have addressed a letter to the Committee for the Interior, calling for an urgent accountability meeting in order to discuss the incident.The letter, signed by Mohamed Achroro, president of the PAM parliamentary group, also called on Laftit to give an explanation for the recurring stampedes at the Ceuta crossing points, which cause the death of many Moroccan women yearly. Achroro added that it is necessary to hold the government accountable for the issues that have recently sparked recently, including the increase of violence and harassment. He continued that his party has a duty to hold the government accountable for the programs presented by the previous government, “of which none of its programs was achieved.”Achroro told Moroccan news outlet Hespress that these social issues have been noticeably repeating themselves recently “at a time when the government [promotes] the slogan of improving the public life [and] fighting corruption, without significant results.”The party has also questioned the efficacy of security services at the Ceuta border, which on August 28 saw the death of two Moroccan women and the critical injury of six others after a stampede.In August, two Moroccan parties, the Constitutional Union (UC) and the National Rally of Independents Parties (UC) have called Laftit to provide explanations for the sexual assault in Casablanca.The parties addressed a letter to Lahbib El Malik, president of the House of Representatives, calling for an urgent accountability session in order to discuss the absence of security in the public transportation in Morocco. The parties called the authorities in charge of the interior department, including Laftit, to attend the accountability session. The requested meeting’s date has not yet been scheduled. read more

Royal Air Maroc Launches Casablanca-Miami Direct Flight

Rabat –  Royal Air Maroc (RAM) launched a Casablanca-Miami non-stop flight on Wednesday. The first direct flight between the two destinations landed on Wednesday night at Miami International Airport (MIA).The company will serve the non-stop flight three days a week, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. A Moroccan delegation attended the launching ceremony.Morocco’s ambassador to the US, Lalla Joumala Alaoui, attended the ceremony with RAM President Hamid Addou and a local official, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez. The inaugural flight used a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, with a capacity of 302 seats, including 26 in business class.Read Also: Royal Air Maroc to Launch Miami-Casablanca Non-Stop Flight April 2019The non-stop flight will also operate on a Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner, with a capacity of 274 seats, including 18 seats in business class.“Miami becomes the third direct destination served by Royal Air Maroc in the United States, after those of New York and Washington, D.C. With this new air route, the company strengthens its network in the Americas, where Royal Air Maroc also directly connects Casablanca with Montreal, Sao Paulo, and Rio De Janeiro,” said Addou.The CEO added that RAM is preparing to launch another line between Casablanca and Boston next June to increase direct flights to the US.Addou also expressed pride at the launch of the new flight, emphasizing that RAM is the first airline connecting the southern US to Africa that provides passengers with direct flight options of less than nine hours. There are, however, longer direct flights between Atlanta and Johannesburg and Lagos.“The new route, first and foremost, provides an air connection tailored to the needs of our Moroccans living in Florida,” said the CEO.Royal Air Maroc submitted its request to the US Department of Transportation to get approval for its Miami-Casablanca offer on July 26, 2018.In August, MIA quoted Miami-Dade Aviation Director Lester Sola, who said that “Royal Air Maroc’s announcement is a major milestone in the 90-year history of Miami International Airport. We have long sought to re-establish nonstop passenger service to Africa, and to accomplish that with an airline and a destination of this caliber is an added bonus.” read more

Foreign exchange rates

These are indicative wholesale rates for foreign currency provided by the Bank of Canada on Monday. Quotations in Canadian funds.Australia dollar 0.9743Brazil real 0.3926China renminbi 0.1858Euro 1.4521Hong Kong dollar 0.155246India rupee 0.01897Indonesia rupiah 0.000092Japan yen 0.01112Malaysia ringgit 0.2889Mexico peso 0.06869N.Z. dollar 0.8801Norway krone 0.1547Peruvian new sol 0.3754Russia rouble 0.02120Saudi riyal 0.3234Singapore dollar 0.9014South Africa rand 0.09370South Korean won 0.001072Sweden krona 0.1516Switzerland franc 1.2725Taiwanese dollar 0.04039Thailand baht 0.03661Turkey lira 0.3562U.K. pound 1.5988U.S. dollar 1.2128Vietnam dong 0.000053 read more

Robert Griffin III Even In Defeat Impresses Giants

In defeat, Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins earned the vast respect of the New York Giants Sunday.Washington’s deplorable secondary gave up a 77-yard touchdown pass to Victor Cruz in the final 1:40 to blow the Redskins’ and Griffin’s strong performance in a 27-23 loss. However, Griffin was outstanding in all phases of the game. He finished 20-of-28 with 258 yards passing, 2 TDs and 1 INT. Down by four points, he led the Redskins on a go-ahead drive by completing a fourth-down pass for a first down after escaping a rush and a few plays later tossed a perfect 30-yard touchdown pass to Santana Moss for the leadHe also rushed for 89 rushing yards on nine carries and showed veteran poise in the pocket.Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who referred to Griffin as “Bob” earlier this season has now taken to calling him “sir.”“That guy is flat-out unbelievable,” Umenyiora said to The Washington Post after the Giants 27-23 win. “That’s the best QB we’ve played this year.”That’s high praise when you look at New York’s first six opponents: Dallas, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Philadelphia, Cleveland and San Francisco. Tony Romo, Cam Newton and Michael Vick are all, based on hefty contracts or draft status (or both), “franchise QBs.” That said, if we’re starting a team, we’re taking RG3 over all of them.Giants defensive end Justin Tuck said Griffin “takes away from your enthusiasm for the game a little bit (as a defensive player).” And teammate Chris Canty added: “He’s faster in person than he is on tape. He’s very, very fast. He’s a very talented young man. He’s going to have a lot of success in this league.”Finally, Giants coach Tom Coughlin offered this: “(He) looks like the fastest guy on tape and he’s certainly the fastest guy on the field. When he pulls the ball down, when you break down contain and he goes outside, you are just praying someone is going to run him out of bounds.”When the coach for the defending Super Bowl champs is reduced to praying you know you might be onto something. Whether it happens this year for a young Redskins team is another issue, but the first time in a long time Washington’s quarterback situation appears to be settled. read more

Weekly football predictions Week 13

It’s the last week of the regular season for the Weekly Picks, and James Laurinaitis has his largest lead of the season. The former Buckeye linebacker holds a three-game lead over Justin Zwick and defending champion Quinn Pitcock. Dallas Lauderdale and Zack Meisel sit one game behind Zwick and Pitcock. For the final week of the regular season, the participants made predictions for five games.

Portugal Round 8 Benfica is still on 100

10AC FAFE10 1SL BENFICA24 7ÁGUAS SANTAS – MILANEZA16 3SPORTING C.P.21 9C.D.XICO ANDEBOL11 Eight rounds of the Championship in Portugal have been played. F.C Benfica is the leader with 100% score. In the last match, team from Lisboa was fantastic against Madeira 34:16.RESULTS:Madeira SAD-SL Benfica, 16-34 (6-14)Sporting CP-AC Fafe, 37-27 (21-15)Artística de Avanca- Delta Belenenses , 23-29 (15-17)Águas Santas-Milaneza-FC Porto Vitalis, 26-35 (9-19)Sp. Horta/Elite Security-ABC/UMinho, 24-22 (13-8)STANDING: 6ABC/UMINHO17 4A.M.MADEIRA AND.SAD18 Benfica handballF.C Benfica handballPortugal handball 8DELTA BELENENSES14 5SP. C. HORTA/ELITE SECURITY18 2FC PORTO VITALIS22 12CDE CAMOES7 11A. A. AVANCA10 ← Previous Story Damjan Blečić joins US Creteil Next Story → Brazil out of the World Cup 2013 in Spain?! read more

President to meet political leaders and Irish community in Chile

first_imgPRESIDENT MICHAEL D Higgins will spend day two of his visit to Chile meeting with some of the country’s political leaders and later with members of the Irish community.Yesterday President Higgins started his two-week South America trip by meeting with President Sebastian Pinera and being the guest of honour at a dinner hosted at the presidential palace.This morning at 9.15am local time (1.15pm Irish time) President Higgins will deliver an address at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean in Santiago.Later he will meet with the president of the Chilean senate and the president of the chamber of deputies before further meetings with the acting mayor of Santiago.At this meeting he will be honoured as a distinguished guest of the city of Santiago.Later President Higgins, who is being accompanied by his wife Sabina, will visit the Museum of Memory and Human Rights before he is the guest of honour at an Irish Community Reception in the Centro Gabreila Mistral.The centre is named after the Chilean poet who was the first and, so far, only Latin American woman to win the Nobel Peace Price in Literature in 1945.Tomorrow President Higgins will visit the graves of Chile’s former president Salvador Allende, a leftist leader who was deposed by military junta in the 1970s, and the poet and diplomat Pablo Neruda.On Sunday, the President will travel to Brazil for the second leg of his two-week trip.My favourite speech: President Michael D Higginslast_img read more

Homeland Security plans to protect US shores with robotic tuna

first_imgIn an attempt to protect the shores of the United States, Homeland Security has created the ultimate weapon in the war on terror. Dubbed BioSwimmer, the robotic fish is modeled after a tuna, which is said to have the perfect shape for an underwater, unmanned vehicle.Developed by Boston Engineering Corporation’s Advanced Systems Group the robot sports great maneuverability, which allows it to get into places that something bigger or less nimble wouldn’t be able to reach. However, rather than only act like one of those bomb-diffusing robots but underwater, the robotic fish can also go out on underwater patrol and perform searches, or make inspections of underwater equipment.Program manager for the project David Taylor explains why BioSwimmer was based off the seemingly innocuous tuna — biomimetics. Biomimetics is the study of basing the designs of machines on the designs of nature, following the notion that biological creatures that have survived in nature must be doing something right. The tuna has had millions of years to adapt to an underwater environment, and provide a worthwhile blueprint for an underwater surveillance drone.Unlike the tuna, BioSwimmer is capable of swimming around in high viscosity fluids, such as oil, and can be controlled via a laptop, or operate on its own. The fish also comes equipped with a long-lasting battery, as well as sensors and communications equipment to report findings back to home base.If Homeland Security gets its way — and we here in the US hope they do — we can sleep safe at night knowing the war on terror is being fought away from our shores and not on our beaches.via Daily Maillast_img read more