Tomato-linked Salmonella outbreak spreads to 16 states

first_img FDA list of tomato growing regions not linked to the outbreak The illnesses are linked to an unusual strain, Salmonella enterica serotype Saintpaul. The FDA, in a Jun 7 press release, warned consumers not to eat raw red plum, red Roma, or red round tomatoes, or products that contain any of those varieties, unless the growing areas are on a list posted on the agency’s Web site. Some restaurant chains are temporarily taking tomatoes off their menus. For example, McDonald’s Corp. announced today that it would not serve sliced tomatoes on its hamburgers until the source of the contaminated tomatoes is determined, according to a report from the Associated Press. The FDA repeated its previous statement that grape, cherry, vine-on, and home-grown tomatoes still appear safe to eat. Based on interviews with 73 people, illness onset dates ranged from Apr 16 to May 28. Ages ranged from 1 to 82 years, and 49% of the patients were female. At least 23 patients were hospitalized, but no deaths were reported. Most of the people who have been sickened in the outbreak were from Texas (56), New Mexico (39), Illinois (17), and Arizona (12), according to a Jun 7 statement from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The FDA’s initial warning about the outbreak, on Jun 3, focused only on New Mexico and Texas, though cases in seven other states were being investigated. The organism typically causes fever and nonbloody diarrhea that resolves in a week. Jun 9, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently warned consumers nationwide to avoid certain raw tomatoes as the number of people sickened in a nationwide Salmonella outbreak grew to 145 cases in 16 states. See also:center_img Jun 7 CDC press release The rarity of the strain and the involvement of so many regions suggest that the contaminated tomatoes were distributed throughout much of the country, the FDA said. During the same time frame last year, only three people in the United States had confirmed S Saintpaul infections. Traceback studies conducted so far have indicated that tomatoes from 15 US and international growing areas are not associated with the outbreak. US states that have been cleared so far include Arkansas, California, Georgia, Hawaii, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Consumers who aren’t sure where their tomatoes were grown or harvested should contact the store where they bought them. Jun 4 CIDRAP News story “Tomatoes suspected in multistate Salmonella outbreak” The FDA urged retailers, restaurateurs, and food service operators not to use red Roma, plum, or round tomatoes unless they are from growing regions that don’t appear to be the source of any tainted tomatoes. Jun 7 FDA press releaselast_img read more


Ryanair is reducing ticket prices

first_imgIrish low-cost airline Ryanair said, with the announcement of business results, that ticket prices for flights to certain destinations could be reduced by up to 9 percent, given the intensified competition in the air transport industry in the next few months.The announcement came after Ryanair achieved 55 percent quarterly profit growth. Profit before tax in the three months to June 30 rose to 397 million euros, driven by stronger demand for Easter, while revenue jumped 13 percent to 1,68 billion euros.The airline says it expects a drop in ticket prices by 5 percent by the end of September and by 8 percent in the next six months, or by the end of March next year. “We expect the pricing environment to maintain a very high competitiveness,” said CEO Michael O’Leary.Ryanair leaders also reiterated warnings about possible major disruptions to flights between the UK and Europe, in the event that a bilateral flight agreement is not reached in the Brexit negotiations. They stressed that this could lead to flight cancellations and relocations. “We want a clear situation so we can plan our schedules for 2019,” CFO Neil Sorahan told the BBC.Airlines Easyjet and Wizz Air also said prices would be under pressure this summer.Source: Business diarylast_img read more


Facebook made it possible to take a 360-degree photo directly

first_imgTourism without social networks is unthinkable, and images and videos are the main promotional tools. Today, being present on social media is a matter of personal hygiene, as is owning a website. “Points out Ilija Brajković, co-owner of the digital agency Kontra, and adds that not being present digitally today, especially in tourism, is a sure direction of failure.As of today, you can take and upload 360-degree photos directly on Facebook, a new feature that will certainly be very present through the tourism sector. You can also set a 360-degree photo as the cover photo on your profile, and the option is available for both iOS and Android devices.Panoramas, beaches, views from the balcony… creativity has no end. Play around and tell a good story.Related news: ILIJA BRAJKOVIĆ, CONTRA: INSTARGAM AND VIDEO ARE “MUST HAVE” CHANNELS IN TOURISM ADVERTISINGlast_img read more


Revenue from tourism grew in the third quarter

first_imgIn the third quarter, the deficit in foreign trade continued to increase (by EUR 0,1 billion compared to the same period last year), with slightly faster growth in exports than imports (8,3% versus 6,8% on an annual basis). On the other hand, there was a strong growth in net exports of services, to which it mainly contributed tourism, although the annual growth rate of tourism revenues was significantly lower than in the same period last year (4,8% compared to 9,1%). Data from the central bank for the period from January to the end of September this year show that revenues from foreign guests amounted to 9,24 billion euros, which is an increase of 6,4 percent or 558,8 million euros compared to the same period last year. At the level of the whole of 2018, growth of 2,7% and inflation of 1,5% is expected, while for the next year, 2019, the same growth rate is projected, which will be mostly contributed by the strengthening of general government investments due to stronger use of funds EU, and further growth of personal consumption, points out from the CNB as part of the report on balance of payments and international investment for the third quarter of 2018. In the third quarter of 2018, the current and capital account of the balance of payments recorded a surplus of 4,2 billion. EUR, which is by 0,2 billion. EUR more than in the same period last year. At the same time je realized rast Revenues from tourism exceeded the growth in the number of arrivals (3,1%) and overnight stays (1,6%) of foreign visitors in commercial accommodation facilities. Guests from Germany, the United Kingdom and Hungary contributed the most to the growth of physical indicators. The slowdown in tourism revenue growth can be explained by not so many factors. First of all, the strengthening of competition in the Mediterranean should be singled out, which, among other things, refers to Turkey and the countries of North Africa (Egypt and Tunisia), where the political situation has calmed down to some extent. Also, some European tourists probably decided to stay in their country or travel to Russia during the World Cup in June and July, which reduced tourist traffic in traditional summer destinations. Furthermore, after the revenues from tourism in Croatia grew faster than the competition for several years in a row, a high base was reached, so maintaining similar growth dynamics is difficult to sustain in the long run. Weaker results in the main tourist season were also recorded by some other Mediterranean countries, with Spain, Portugal and Italy standing out, the CNB concludes. Thus, in the third quarter of this year, record revenue was achieved on the basis of travel (tourism), which for the first time in the three most important tourist months (July-end of September) exceeded six billion euros and amounted to 6,24 billion euros. Thus, revenues from the consumption of foreign tourists were 4,8 percent or almost 283 million euros higher than in the same period last year.  Source: CNB At the same time, unfavorable developments in trade in goods greatly mitigate further growth in net exports of services, mainly on the basis of non-residents’ tourism consumption. However, the annual growth of tourism revenues at the level of the whole of 2018 should be slower than the previous three years. Attachment: CNB: Macroeconomic developments and forecasts However, despite the lower annual rate of tourism revenues, tourism revenues in 2018 amount to over 10 billion Euros, which is 19,8% of GDP (Table 1). The final report of the CNB for last year is expected at the beginning of March.2019.last_img read more


From a French fries bar to a global franchise in 10 years. Wake up to dream

first_imgRELATED NEWS: Everyone has ideas and desires, a lot of us are dreamers, and I also belong to the big dreamers, but if we are not proactive from the initial idea and do not start dealing with the question of how to realize that idea then it remains just a wish. It is on this assumption and mindset that most ideas fall into the water. The difference between desire and goal is huge. So, if we look at an idea and set it as our goal, then we know what steps we have to take to make that goal or idea come true. We define the business model, vision, strategy, goals, brand and move step by step into all the challenges that the business process and the market bring us. Plastically explained like that. Ah, make Croatia a successful and global fast food franchise. In addition to McDonalds, Burger King, and even with an ordinary death? Good point, isn’t it? Impossible. Come on kid don’t dream anymore… there were just some comments. Andrija and Denis are awake dreaming and living their dream. But there is a big difference from all dreamers, they dreamed with open eyes, had a goal and turned their dream into reality. And the first step to success is just to define a goal and get started, not just have a mere desire. Of course, the path to success is never a straight line upwards, some winding road with many obstacles, but it is important to have a direction of movement forward and most of all to know where we are going and where we want to get. ANDRIJA ČOLAK, SURF’N’FRIES: RETURN ON INVESTMENT OF MOBILE SURF’N’FRIES STANDS IS 45 DAYS One is desire, and something quite another is goal. Okay, Surf n Fries isn’t even close to McDonalds yet, which doesn’t mean it won’t be in a couple of years, but again, it doesn’t even have to be. The current figures speak for themselves. Surf n Fries in Russia And it was this portal that started with an idea and a wish, which immediately after a short research turned into a goal. It all started with one idea, letter, word, blog and finally today for more than three years the leading tourist b2b portal in Croatia. Surf n fries today are much more than just a french fries bar or fast food. The story will only spread from year to year, and no one should be surprised if Surf n Fries is practically next to the biggest global players in a couple of years. As they might say, they “invented french fries” again, in a fun and innovative way. Most of all through a special way of packaging, ie packaging, where through innovation in the global market they have totally changed the way we look at and consume popular fries. Andrija Čolak and Denis Polić exactly 10 years ago had a dream, a vision and a goal, and not just a wish. Their goal was to open a french bar, and later slowly expand it. But after the opening and great success, the idea immediately came to them to conquer the global market through the franchise model and the Surf n fries brand. Surf’n’Fries started with one store in Rijeka exactly ten years ago, and today it operates franchises on 4 continents in almost 20 countries with over 70 franchises. The Australian market was opened at the end of last year, they entered the Russian market strongly, and the first Surf’n’Fries in Mexico will open soon. ANDRIJA ČOLAK OPENS THE FIRST AGENCY FOR CONSULTING IN FRANCHISE BUSINESS IN TOURISM – CFCGlast_img read more


NP Krka: Water turbidity is a natural phenomenon, the water quality in NP Krka is of excellent quality

first_img“With constant supervision and monitoring by sensory buoy, regular water quality tests in the Krka National Park have been carried out since its establishment in cooperation with the Public Health Institute of Šibenik-Knin County and the Public Health Institute of Split-Dalmatia County. This time, other independent institutions are included in the analysis, in order to completely remove any suspicions of pollution or any threat to the water resources of the Krka National Park.”Point out from NP Krka. The reason for the turbidity of water in some parts is the natural phenomenon of the so-called. relocation. Independent tests at several locations have shown that Krka water is not only healthy, but rich in dissolved oxygen, with high preservation of ecosystems, and short-term turbidity is a natural consequence of sediment uplift due to water temperature differences in some microlocations, concluded the expert water analysis. “Podaci izmjereni terenskom sondom pokazali su i da je voda uzvodno od Roškog slapa značajno hladnija (18°C) od one u dijelu Visovačkog jezera (24°C). Takve temperaturne razlike često izazivaju kratkotrajno zamućivanje vode, tzv. izmještavanje. Naglašavamo da je riječ o potpuno prirodnoj pojavi uzrokovanoj razlikom u temperaturi vode, (topla voda se ‘uzdiže’ iznad hladne) uslijed koje dolazi do podizanja sedimenta s dna. Takva vrsta zamućenja između Roškog slapa i Visovačkog jezera je kratkotrajna i nema nikakve veze s onečišćenjem”Point out from NP Krka. After the occurrence of water turbidity in some parts of the Krka National Park, and citizens’ fear of pollution, the Krka National Park conducted an expert analysis of water quality, conducted by the Ruđer Bošković Institute and the Biology Department of the Zagreb Faculty of Science, which confirmed that water in the National Krka Park of excellent quality. “Rezultati analize kvalitete vode u NP „Krka“, koju su 22. srpnja 2019., proveli stručnjaci s Biološkog odsjeka Prirodoslovno-matematičkog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu te Instituta Ruđer Bošković, pokazali su da je kakvoća vode ‘izvrsna’ sukladno svim važećim uredbama, a potvrđuju i to da na spomenutom području nema onečišćenja rijeke” point out from the Krka National Park, and emphasize that the water is rich in dissolved oxygen, with high preservation of ecosystems, while short-term turbidity is a natural consequence of sediment uplift due to the temperature difference of water in some microlocations.center_img Also, the examination established that the water in the Krka National Park does not contain heavy metals, toxic substances or fecal bacteria that would potentially endanger the purity of the water and related ecosystems. In places of significant biological activity, the highest values ​​of chlorophyll were measured, and high values ​​of dissolved oxygen were observed, which confirms that there was no significant decomposition of organic matter. The last sampling of surface water of the Krka River was performed at six stations and no anthropogenic pollution was observed at any of them. The results show that the water is healthy and safe for everyone to swim in the designated places. Moreover, the analysis of the concentration of trace metals (zinc, cadmium, lead and copper) showed that in NP “Krka” the concentrations of these metals are many times lower than those prescribed by the regulation on water quality standards (OG 73/2013, 151/2014, 78/2015). , 61/2016). Since the protection of the Krka River is the basic mission of the Public Institution, we have so far implemented a number of measures to protect it from possible pollution, conclude the Krka National Park.last_img read more


Hilton introduced a new modern brand – Tempo by Hilton

first_imgAn affordable life brand is designed to serve a growing segment of “modern successful people” looking for a hotel experience that reflects their ambition. Combining thoughtful design and diverse partnerships, Tempo by Hilton provides hoteliers with a highly scalable brand that is upgradeable and within reach of all future guests, all of which drive an efficient service model. Each of the Tempo by Hilton hotels will feature branded elements to help guests continue their journey without disrupting the routine. Some of these elements are relaxing guest rooms, common areas and facilities designed for inspiration, culinary travel and sustainability. Hilton launched a new brand this month – Tempo by Hilton. “Through our research, we have discovered that there is a growing demographics of ambitious and very discerning travelers who have not been fully touched by our offer to date.”, Explained Jon Witter, CEO of Hilton, and concluded:”With Tempo by Hilton, we have been able to reach these influential consumers through a new, elevated, but also affordable class of hotels designed to exceed the expectations of both customers and hoteliers in truly meaningful ways.” Photo: Hilton You can find more about the Tempo by Hilton brand HERE. “Tempo by Hilton introduces a new concept combining all the benefits and efficiencies that hoteliers expect from a limited service model with an increased dose of inspirationSaid Phil Cordell, global head of new brand development at Hilton. “Using a data-based blueprint, we identified offers available within the rooms, but also throughout the facility, that push the sector to new heights. The end result is a compelling yet affordable brand that allows hoteliers to expand their portfolio.”last_img read more