Meninga praises Hunters

first_imgTeam Kumul head coach Mal Meninga has commended the PNG Hunters Club for a good start in preparing players for the 2017 World Cup and to improve PNG’s ranking.Meninga, who is based in Australia, travels once a month into the country to help out with the Team Kumul program.That program is helping to develop players in the lead up to the World Cup.Meninga said selections for Team Kumul to participate in the World Cup will be done mostly through PNG Hunters and overseas based players.He said Hunters have been very successful but the Intrust Super Cup is only a second tier competition.“It’s a great start, they are doing very well as these are the same players who are going to be playing against international sides not too far down the track.“We need to get our Intrust Cup players playing in the NRL and that’s the next step so at the moment it’s a growth period.“And once we start to get a whole heap of players participating in the top competitions around the world, the better our chances of doing well in the World Cup,” he said.PNG hasn’t got a lot of players playing in the NRL apart from David Mead, James Segeyaro and just recently Albert Wellington and Mark Mexico.Meninga said being involved with the Hunters is a fantastic experience and they get this week in week out rugby league competition however, still not at the level where they need to be to play on the world stage.He said PNG still has some developing to do in order to compete against England, Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific Island teams who have NRL players going back and playing for their national teams.“That is a challenge for us because although the Hunters are initially doing well in the Intrust Cup, they’re probably not at the level we need to be compared to Australia and at a world stage.“We need the majority of our players to be part of overseas competitions.“If we look at Samoa and Fiji, most of their 22 man squad who played in the 2013 World Cup were playing in the Australian NRL or English Super League and PNG had about six players,” he said.Meninga said that’s the difference at the moment but the PNG Hunters Club is a valuable asset giving the players more experience.He said hopefully the talent scouts will recognize that and give them more opportunity in the Australian NRL or English Super League because that’s where we need our national players.He said that Hunters Club is a stepping stone and we need them playing on the world stage in the biggest competitions.last_img read more

National Football Stadium nearly ready

first_imgConstruction of the NFS, formerly known as the Lloyd Robson Oval, is nearing completion with the stadium to be fully functional in February next year.Oil Search managing director and chairman of the Lloyd Robson Oval Trustee Limited, Peter Botten said the NFS is being completed to world class standards that will meet FIFA requirements.“A FIFA delegation visited the venue recently and was impressed with the design and quality of the facility. They have advised a list of requirements to meet all their standards and these have been incorporated into the stadium construction and design,” said Botten.He said that the NFS had been constructed to comply with National Rugby League (NRL) guidelines and governing codes that allow NRL games to be played at the stadium. He explained the design of the stadium presently allows for seating of up to 15,000 spectators, taking designs from the successful developments at the Gold Coast Cbus stadium and AMI stadium in New Zealand. “Facilities meet all modern player requirements, that include state-of-the-art indoor warm up and recovery areas, gym facilities, change rooms for home and away teams, for curtain raiser matches, referees rooms, ball boys change rooms, drug testing rooms and match day medical rooms. “The field of play lighting is world-class, meeting international broadcast standards. There is also an adjacent training and warm up field,” said Botten.last_img read more

Public servants netball heating up

first_imgPresident Davera Guru said the competition had run smoothly since it started in October of last year. She said the competition has  more than 20 teams who play in 7 divisions. She added the finals will be played next month. In today’s results in the Premier division, National Fisheries Authority (1) def PNG Sports Foundation (1) 17-15, PNG Olympic Committee def. PNG Power 22-11, Bank of PNG (1) def Ombudsman Commission Eagles 19-7. In the division 2 games, Auditor General def National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority 22-15 and Integrity of Political Parties def Lands 16-13. The game in division 3 was won by Department of Justice and Attorney General  (1) who beat National Fisheries Authority  (2) 20-19.last_img read more

FIFPRO asks players to be protected more from concussions

first_imgFor the union, “give the medical team as much as ten minutes of time to make a decision before a shock, an injury that is extremely difficult to diagnose, It is essential to handle the problem“.He also requested that in these situations organizers share video images with doctors so they can have more information about the cause of possible shocks.FIFPro manifested itself this way two days after the last annual meeting of the IFAB, the body that develops the rules of the game, in Belfast, where agreed to develop protocols for situations of possible shocks, although it requested more data before proposing regulatory modifications.FIFA showed great interest in test about it in the soccer tournaments of the Tokyo Olympics this summer and in other competitions.IFAB also agreed review the rules regarding offside, to foster the spirit of attack, the one referring to the hands to differentiate more clearly between the arm and the shoulder and the one related to situations of harassment of the players to the referees in the matches. The international players union (FIFPro) recognized the intention of the International Board (IFAB) to create protocols for concussion cases, but claimed “more protection for players” and a ten minute period with temporary substitutions so that the medical team can make a proper diagnosis.FIFPro’s recommendation for IFAB is that its group of experts on the subject start working as soon as possible with the other agents in “pilot programs, including the use of temporary replacements during a ten-minute diagnostic period, to obtain evidence on the next steps.”“The introduction of an extra substitution after three minutes of shock is not enough to protect the players. Again and again, medical teams working under pressure and with limited information are making wrong decisions about players with possible shocks“FIFPro said.last_img read more

The Madrid squad studies aid against the coronavirus

first_imgThe template of the Real Madrid, who remains at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, studies how to carry out a individual financial aid for each player to fight the coronavirus, advised to make it to the most needy sector. Real Madrid first team players they want to collaborate in the face of the crisis unleashed by the existing pandemic in Spain and with the city of Madrid as the epicenter, and is studying the safest way to channel personal financial aid.Before announcing where each contribution will go, According to Efe sources from the Madrid outfit, the players are being advised by specialists in all aspects of the crisis so that your financial aid goes where it is most needed at the moment.last_img read more

“I would like to return to Madrid and compete for number one …”

first_imgIf you return to Madrid, will have Thibaut Courtois ahead who, after a start shrouded in doubts, has settled in the Madrid goal and has already worn the hero cape in more than one match. Lunin confessed his admiration for the Belgian: “He has a level. It is very clear. Without good qualities, he would not play for Real Madrid. I like many things about him. But for example, one is that it has height, almost two meters. A little like me (measures 1.91), although a little more. And I like how he uses it, you know? With flat balls. In short, to not explain much to you, I like how he uses his height in goal.His signing in 2018Lunin officially became a Real Madrid goalkeeper on June 22, 2018. The Chamartín club paid 8.5 million to FC Zorya Luhansk. The agreement was part of this new white policy for attracting young talent to shield the future. This is how the Ukrainian, in Real Madridista, relates how his transfer was conceived: “First is what the club director, the director of my club in Ukraine, told me, who told me that Real Madrid was interested in me and wanted to sign me. When I heard it … I felt different sensations. I was happy and a little worried because it’s a great level, you know? But it is a dream, a child’s dream and I was happy, very happy. And I said that of course I was and that I was not interested in other options. And what happened next … I arrived in Madrid, I spoke with the club, with the coaches, directors, with the president, I did the medical examination and we signed the contract. He had two or three incredible days to live. The first days I lived in Valdebebas, the rooms were very comfortable and very cozy, there is everything for work, for development. There is everything for everything. I also remember my first game at the Santiago Bernabéu, I played 20 minutes, I think. An impressive atmosphere, people squeeze us a lot and support us a lot. The stadium, I repeat, the atmosphere, everything, everything incredible. This feeling of playing with the best players in the world is impressive. A show (laughs) ”. A show that Lunin wants to live in a future week after week although, at the moment, he does not know where the next season will be. Real Madrid is still waiting for Andriy Lunin (21 years old) although the latter does not lose hope of one day succeeding under the sticks of the Santiago Bernabéu. “Of course I see myself as a Real Madrid goalkeeper. If I did not see it, there is no sense in coming to Madrid. It wouldn’t make sense to come to this club. I see it, I do my best to achieve this goal. When, I don’t know. And when this moment comes, I am convinced that it will be one of the best moments of my life, even the best ”, the Ukrainian goalkeeper has told Real Madridista magazine.With Lunin the plans outlined at first by Real Madrid were not fulfilled. Recorded in 2018 as a great goalkeeper project for 8.5 million, he yielded to Leganés to take flight in First but was a substitute for Cuéllar and only played seven games in which he received seven goals. The white club made another loan attempt so that its player continued cooking in Spain, but the recipe was cut. With the Gold Glove title of the last U-20 World Cup under his arm, Madrid yielded him again. ANDn this second time he went to Valladolid but he broke the deal in the past winter market because he did not play (he only participated 210 minutes in the Copa del Rey) and what is not wanted in Concha Espina is that the projection of one of the most promising young goalkeepers in Europe is cut off ( “Why they didn’t trust me is a question that is not for me, it is for the Valladolid coaches”). So they went back to find a team to go on loan: Oviedo, in the Second Division, where they are playing regularly: nine games and the starting nine (they scored 10 goals). But now it has once again suffered a slowdown due to this breakdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Will Lunin be part of Real Madrid next season? The Ukrainian confesses not knowing what will become of him: “I don’t know. I really don’t know now. We’ll see. Of course I would like to return to Madrid and compete for the number 1. But we will see a little later what the coach considers and what will happen with this quarantine situation, which I hope all goes well ”.last_img read more

Ligue 1 players don’t want to resume the season

first_imgThe justification that soccer players defend is that they will not return without adequate health safety conditions, they prefer not to run the risk of contagion. They are also not satisfied with the idea of ​​playing behind closed doors, something unavoidable when it comes to avoiding large crowds of people in stadiums. Further, The survey also reflects that 80% of the interviewees prefer that the current classification be taken as a reference and thus finish the leagues., instead of considering the season as “null”.Nowadays, the french league is working on a plan to return to competition linked to the gradual release from confinement, which will start on May 11 as announced by Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic. At the moment, only the date on which the starting gun will take place for the 2020/21 season is known. It will be on August 23, and has been set with this speed due to the need to formalize the payments of television rights. In France, the position of the First and Second division footballers regarding the possibility of resuming the league after the mitigation of the pandemic is quite clear. According to reports La Gazzetta dello Sport, the National Union of Professional Soccer Players, the French players’ union in the top two categories at the national level, has made an anonymous survey that addresses the possibility of returning or not to the playing fields. This union represents 94% of professional players in France; and the survey results show that the squads are reluctant to play again after the coronavirus crisis.last_img read more