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The latest love Shanghai home keywords ranking secret trick


early after the line on the website, we will carry out the whole network marketing group, at least let our industry know our website online, but also let them know that we have those advantages, at least to give them a reason to often come to your site

a line on the site if you want to get a good ranking, it should be early in the production site, began a detailed planning and planning of Shanghai dragon whole network marketing to the website, everything should be prepared in advance and detailed plan scheme, to ensure that the website on-line as soon as possible to get a good ranking. Today I Li Yong announced to the website quickly obtain ranking tips. read more

Website optimization how to get high quality details and high attack tactics

The premise for the development of a

is desirable, but also learn to copy the mercurial

search engine to crawl

site, URL site has become basic work optimization, we can find URL good website ranking address in Shanghai now love search engine is static, but as a webmaster, we can observe the Internet site long leader today, these two sites stationmaster net and the owners of the house, the two website address is the address of URL also uses three column type, from which we came to the attention of the website development first detailed work: to establish the URL address of the best use of the three column and to the static state of the. read more

Analysis of Shanghai Dragon why always not to be long in coming home snapshots included

month love Shanghai irregular update makes people confused, while ranking up between is another station at a loss. Last week the love of Shanghai is showing a "page updated normally, page snapshot of backsliding." However, from the results of view, web page snapshot is contrary to the traditional "snapshot backwards is right to be reduced the sign of the law. From the fact analysis, now the search engine rules may be: a snapshot of the correction by retrogression or bring greater opportunities, are as follows: comprehensive analysis of binary read more

Analysis of Shanghai Dragon use hot issues break the traffic bottleneck five

A: the topic selection of

optimization is to what? There is no doubt that in order to enhance the website ranking. But enhance the website ranking is for what? The answer is yes, increase site traffic, to achieve the ultimate goal of the. Although some website content update frequently, optimization also do more good, but the flow is always like the bottleneck as not to. Encountered such a problem how to solve? Binary think, flow into the use of hot events more easily break the traffic bottleneck. read more

How to analyze the keyword

talked about it is analysis of the key topic is a commonplace talk of an old scholar keyword analysis, website optimization research is an important work as a Shanghai dragon Er webmaster must do before building a web site, a site of good and bad, can give the site to bring benefit, can bring effective flow of keywords to play a decisive role. For the keyword research also has many similar articles on the Internet Public opinions are divergent. but in my opinion, a lot of analysis is not thorough enough. Today I will combine practical experience in Shanghai Longfeng for many years to come and the webmaster friends to share, hope this can give us some dry cargo. When it comes to the analysis of the key competitive strength is the value analysis of the keywords and keyword analysis of two aspects of < note: I’m not talking about the layout problem of keywords, to the article > below the author aiming at these two aspects to talk about. read more

How to reduce the dead links from the source

two: on the site to modify or delete the contents of the

dead link is a general statement, does not mean that your link does not exist is a dead link, even in the presence of your links, but because the server problem causes the page can not be opened or slow, users will directly off, but the search engine spiders will think this is dead the way to give up index. Sometimes we seem normal page, in a period of time may become a dead link. We can cite an example, such as a site for DNS failure analysis. Although the content of the website is still, but can not open the page, this is a typical dead link. read more

Google released a new service to deal with the death of user data

now, Google’s new settings page to join a non active account manager, allows the user to set a timeout period for your account. For example, if you 3 months did not log in to your account, Google will be the first to notice issued by mobile phone number or e-mail address. Since then, it will allow you to add up to 10 contacts, they will be the user written email alerts, and selectively be granted access to any or all of Google’s service data rights. Finally, once all the contacts are to be informed, Google can also delete your account. read more

Discussion on how to quickly get the new ranking

I do not want to say, we all know! 2-3 is probably a day included

said many users want to get new ranking is difficult, today let’s talk I recently did a business website, how to get to the second page ranking in 15 days! In order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, this is not in the description of key words, love Shanghai index as shown below:

fourth update website

third, the line on the website, to love Shanghai.

secondly, description and title of the site is set


H3 is used in the product title. read more

Gaoliangjiu Shanghai dragon how to reasonable distribution chain mode

2, a variety of soft, important index: 9

3, forum signature, an important index: 7

1, Links, an important index: 9

if we analyze from YAHOO chain statistics, it is not difficult to find a lot of leading in the industry chain of the website, they actually are very common, and there is not much originality, only particular chain they are very numerous and diverse, multi sample. Many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners do when the chain, some way for a period of time feel useless to give up, in fact, this is a process from quantitative to qualitative change, must unremittingly. Now a daily chain mode and reasonable structure distribution, one of the important index means the degree of attention in the daily work, and the investment of time and effort. read more

Enterprises to change the title will be K to you

1, change the title or change the structure of

? ?

before my younger brother often change the title of the website is their own hands to build the site, from the planning and structure design are personally surgeon, are familiar with every detail of the website, every detail of the local search engines are in strict accordance with the standard set, can be said that the relationship between the establishment of mutual trust the website and search engine, this time to change the title to search engine is a general adjustment, nature has little effect. read more

From three aspects of chain play in the role of optimization


two: Friends of the chain can promote the site collection

three: the chain can transfer the weight of

described in this paper

chain can improve the site keywords ranking is already a fact in front of. We also can be a chain as a chain of our site, this is a chain attract spider entrance. If your site and another site for a friend chain exchange, and the weight of each other site is relatively high, the spider crawling is relatively frequent, so naturally through the chain of this channel will lead spider to your site. At the same time as this will make your site search engine to leave a better impression. Maybe this is what we often say: ’tis. In this way we can achieve mutual benefit, keywords naturally site rankings is not what strange things. read more

A preliminary study on Shanghai dragon blog portal submission to

two submission skills

3. new articles can not be included in the site, or is the spider crawling website can not be timely;

on its website published in this paper to indicate the address must be published when the text and text description. If you can insert your own nature in the URL, then try to do this is to avoid many unscrupulous gatherers to remove the copyright link to you.

these three kinds of basic web site can be collectively referred to as the site of the weight is not enough, if your website weight is high enough, almost every article of the "second", then you can try. Others included not old station in time can also try, for example, the next day included. If you feel qualified depends on the following points. read more

6 words to make your blog a long career

don’t know you can add a little of his own life while writing the blog, at least I do blog, insisted for two years, the mood of the article less than 50, some of the domain name space to do their own ups and downs, have introduced their own travel experience, the whole life Expo the breath is very heavy, and these seemingly 00 odd words, each aftertaste will have different feelings, will be a good role for future growth, and this is what we insist to blog fun.

The From the

blog is actually a dating platform read more

Discussion on SEM strategy to Taobao has become the long tail word

remember just beginning to learn the Shanghai dragon seen green outfit wrote an article on the SEM, is the bag with wheat as an example to analyze the importance of the SEM policy, provide a reference for the website brand and market positioning. As we all know, wheat bags in Shanghai dragon team is very strong, but also started relatively early, from the first few people to dozens of people today, the growing scale of technology matures. Why do they SEM so successful, Happigo webmaster think there is some luck, and happy for you to purchase slowly. read more

An example of the site after the revision of the road traffic difficult recovery


for the long-term development of the site, the revision is inevitable. After the site has been in business for two years, once reached IP on the flow of tens of thousands, with the continuous development of the Internet, the site had to safety and function of the site for revision. The revision can bring great flow attenuation. The author of the site in December last year at the beginning of the ZhengZhan revision, URL address all have changed, but because the web content too many restrictions, unable to do a 301 redirect processing, can only deal with 404 pages, but still flow down to the lowest point. As shown below: read more

Break through the bottle neck site traffic supplemented by content method

we are here to say content is king, not all of the sites you love Shanghai, love Shanghai emphasis on a certain industry have distinction, if you are with illegal information, it is likely to be abandoned if you love Shanghai, the information is public, Shanghai will be very love pay attention to.

content is not enough, we here say there must be a good point, Shanghai dragon industry more famous than Wang Tong and Zac, Zac will only do optimization, but Wang Tong is different, he would use the method, will make money. This is where applicable, do Shanghai dragon people in this industry, but it can make good use of methods seldom. Because this also worth exploring and pay, as there are hundreds of thousands of corporate websites, really willing to invest to the Internet less than 10%, so the 90% companies on the Internet to expand, can only rely on the extension of my love seal. read more

Do not complain do not make money in fact blame yourselfZero cost to do Taobao promotion

this method is very simple, in fact, is to use the question and answer platform to do.

simply put it, some friends may already know, do not do, or disdain to do, but I say an example, we do not make any money now, to consider their own. Taobao customer weekly income ranked thirty-sixth they let me secure income, I can only tell you an estimate of thousands per week, is this method, ranking the first week of nearly $20 thousand a Taobao customer account, people are professional team operation, our new hand than not, you can say do. read more

Talking about the way of making money for personal stationmaster in 2011Zhang Zhaoyang turned down M

mixed in the Internet for many years, the Webmaster is no stranger, and even many people have joined the ranks of the webmaster. However, we take a look at the sh419 encyclopedia is how to interpret the Webmaster: Webmaster: is to have independent domain name website, through the Internet and the web platform to the Internet to provide information, such as intermediary channels, personal network service. With the rapid development of the Internet, the webmaster is no longer a single person, completely belonging to a personal website groups, is to promote the development of China’s Internet source of power. Talking about whether the webmaster is a professional problem, the author lonely Prince believes that whether the webmaster is a career should be decided by the parties themselves. As a form of entertainment is just some owners of their own, they may be the real occupation of students, teachers, scientists, civil servants; there are some who are specialized in stationmaster, become the main way to make money to live. read more

2017 my seventh years in the nternet businessTwo dimensional entrepreneurs how to make money First

in 2015, the two dimensional reports launched by various organizations add up to three laps around the earth.

at the beginning of 2012, I got married, going to his own business, do toys wholesale business, in this opportunity, I will sell toys in Taobao, and the income is good, can earn ten thousand yuan a month, more income than in life.

2011 beginner Taobao

then, for the vigorous grassroots two dimensional entrepreneurial army, where is the money? The answer is, the 2.5 dimensional economy. read more

Three basic ways of making moneyshlf1314 launches interactive pictures video ads Gadget Ad

work is selling services, providing websites for others, providing advice, training and selling services. The biggest feature of selling services is: low cost!

investment, to put it bluntly, is to let your money help you to make money!

      shlf1314 – an DELL spokeswoman Diana Diana Adair said in an interview, this kind of advertisement called gadget ads, which appeared on the website of the side, similar to the content, but did not appear in the search results page. shlf1314’s YouTube and the company’s custom home page, ishlf1314, will also use this type of advertising. This year, shlf1314 agreed to buy DoubleClick and Adscape Media, an online advertising company. shlf1314 has also begun selling more ads on mobile phones. The launch of the gadget ads format will help advertisers measure the effectiveness of advertising by measuring how many people browse and click. commissioning editor admin01 read more